How to stay safe on holiday

Jetting off on an adventure overseas in 2024? There’s so much to look forward to from the pleasant climate to wonderful local food and new cultures to experience. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only preparing for the exciting parts of the holiday, which may lead to you forgetting how to stay safe while you’re away. 

Danger can, unfortunately, lurk around many corners of your holiday destination. This can be threats from local people, the activities you partake in or the facilities of the place you’re visiting. Wherever you’re headed, is vital that you remain vigilant at all times to prevent any incidents from occurring. 

By doing so, you should be able to enjoy a smooth sailing holiday that won’t be cut short by disaster. If you want a refresher on how to stay safe on holiday, our guide can help. Continue reading to learn more.  

Pre-Travel Preparation and Planning

The first step is to pick a safe destination. GOV.UK’s foreign travel advice is a good place to start your research as it tells you how safe a location is to visit and the entry requirements, so you can start preparing the necessary documents. 

Other things you should consider researching before you go to your chosen location include: 

  • Local customers
  • Emergency services contact information 
  • Travel advisories 

Make sure you find insurance to cover any medical bills or theft incidents while you’re away too. While we hope you won’t need these, it can provide peace of mind. 

Transportation Safety Tips 

Transportation is essential during your holiday and it’s important that you pick the safest options. Pre-booked mini buses or taxis from reputable companies are usually a good way to go as staff members will usually be vetted before they can start working. 

Try to avoid taxi firms with bad reputations, unsafe public transport methods and make sure you follow local traffic laws if you’ve hired a car to stay safe in transit.

Steps to Take If You Have an Accident While on Holiday 

Accidents can still occur, even when you’re actively trying to stay safe. If they do, stay calm and follow these steps: 

As you can see, staying safe while on holiday does require some hard work but it’ll be more than worth it if you come home with no incidents to report. 

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