Fitness Fanatic Wishlist

Struggling to wrap Christmas up for the fitness lover in your life? Don’t panic, we’ve got the ultimate easy to buy guide for every gym bunny (or bro), no matter what their taste.

Snickers Protein Bars

Sick of regular old chicken and rice? Getting a little tired of protein powders? Why not indulge a little with these fantastic Snickers Protein Bars. Packing a strong 18g of protein, these are perfect to throw in your gym bag or keep in your desk.

Stainless Steel Shaker

Let’s be honest, most shaker bottles aren’t the most aesthetic looking item in your gym bag, certainly not after the third run through the dishwasher, so why not add a little class to your fitness with this awesome Stainless Steel Shaker.

Vegan Protein

With the world moving further towards being “Free From” whether it be for health or ethical reasons, Dairy is slowly finding its way off the menu. If you fancy mixing it up a little (excuse the pun), why not try this organic plant based Protein from Sun Warrior. Perfect for those of us intolerant to Gluten, Dairy and Soy.

Meal Prep Bag

The New Year is always the perfect time to start a new diet plan, but also the perfect time to fall off track. Make sure you stick to your goals with a Meal Prep Bag. These bags are designed to store your pre-prepared meals in safe, clean compartments, which means you get to take your food with you no matter what the conditions.

Foam Roller

Sick of being sore all the time? Try rolling out those tired aching muscles with a foam roller. We can’t promise it won’t hurt (it does), but you’ll notice a difference almost instantly, and you’ll perform better too.

Joe Wicks Book

Celebrity Fitness Coach Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) burst onto the scene with his straight forward take on healthy eating. The Lean in 15 concept evolved from a few internet videos to a global meal plan, coaching program and book series. Pick up one of his best sellers as a little stocking filler.

Under Armour/Dwayne Johnson Collab Clothing

One of the biggest sports stars in history partnering with the fastest growing sports company in recent years, a perfect collaboration? The Project Rock line features shoes, t-shirts, leggings, socks, rucksacks, caps and more. Take your pick, and give your loved one some well needed inspiration.

Spotify Gift Card

Simple, easy, effective. The streaming service offers billions of songs, available to stream unlimited 24/7 365 days a year all for a single monthly fee, perfect for building that perfect workout playlist.


What fitness fan doesn’t need new headphones? Look for something that offers high quality sound, whilst having gym-perfect features such as being wireless, waterproof and noise cancelling.

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