Extraordinary Decor That Will Instantly Makeover Your Home

The idea of a home makeover conjures visions of an expensive, difficult undertaking; the sort of thing one might do once every couple of years. In truth, you can make some clever alterations that don’t cost a fortune to revitalise your home. 

There are some exciting options on the market, mainly if you shop online. The Soothing Company is one such website where one can find quite a bit of inspiration, as well as some great resources for modern lighting and decor items. The sheer range and diversity of options allow one to find what it is you may be looking for. The virtues of online shopping aside, all it takes to bring your home decor to life are a couple of smart additions and subtractions as it were. Adding a spectacular chandelier drum can make a huge amount of difference, for example. We have curated a list of our top picks for decor that will transform your living space.  

Smart Strip Lighting

Before researching the idea, we were apprehensive about strip lighting, as you may be now. Poorly implemented strip lights are an altogether tacky affair. With a bit of foresight and restraint, strip lighting can serve as a tasteful accent to any living space. The trick is to remain neutral in your selection of colours, even avoiding vivid colours entirely. 

White strip lighting creates contrast and depth without detracting from the colour palette of a room, making it our preferred option. When utilising the ‘smart’ tools that are on offer one can set your lighting to dim or brighten throughout the day, ensuring that it is never overwhelming and serves only as an additive measure to the result. It is in an understated application that strip lighting becomes a rather extraordinary addition to interior design.

Indoor Water Fountains

A rather broad term when one looks at the plethora of options available, indoor water fountains bring natural tranquillity to any space. The idea of a classic stone water fountain by way of the old birdbath design may have you put off the plan altogether. Fortunately there exist an enormous range of options, ranging from the ultra-modern to the faux archaic.

Our advice is to take consideration for your current decor, that which you will not want to replace, and look at ways to reinvigorate the overall look and feel. The trick is to bring a change by means of visual contrast. Compliment busy with subdued and vice versa.

Creative Wall Decor

Another broad idea allowing you a ton of flexibility, wall decor need not be restricted to paintings and picture frames. There are innumerable options. Consider a wall-mounted cargo pallet threaded with antique light bulbs. Perhaps a set of vintage posters set and framed on brackets to add dimension.

Your imagination very much is the limit when it comes to custom creative wall decor. We advise keeping in mind the final result and its place in the overall aesthetic. By experience, we have found that one can easily get carried away in the design process.

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