Easing Back Into Normal Nightlife In A Post-Covid World

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Many of us have had to adjust how we entertain ourselves and socialize in the past year, for obvious reasons that we need not dwell on here. Yet it’s true that as societies and businesses begin to open up again, easing back into normal nightlife in a post-Covid world could be seen as something worth planning for instead of taking for granted.

After all, it’s unfortunate, but worth knowing that the nightlife scene has certainly changed. Many businesses, nightclubs, bars, late-night cafes and entertainment venues have had to close in the last year due to the pressures of lockdown, and so your local town or city may look much different to how it may have been at the start of 2020.

But how can you make sure that your easing back into enjoying the nightlife of your local area is well measured? After all, it might not be that you feel totally engaged in experiencing nightclubs as you may have done before, or perhaps your tastes have changed. Maybe a relaxing time in a classy bar makes more sense than struggling to find a taxi at 4 am and looking for a contraceptive pill. No matter how you move forward,  we hope the following advice can help:

Find Your People

Many people think that nightlife is about getting out there, meeting thousands of new people, always being the coolest one in the room and seeing what happens in an adventurous kind of way. But there’s no reason why you have to go all out and think of achieving unnecessary aims when you could just be having a good time with your friends. It might be that reconnecting with your friends, who might all be parents now, and enjoying something a little more your pace could be the best way forward.

This way, you can enjoy a responsible night, but one that still allows you to let your hair down. Taking it easy in this sense, and being prepared, can help you define the nightlife on your own terms, instead of having it define you for its own purposes. That can help you actually wish to go out and enjoy the nightlife again, rather than feeling obligated to after a year of lockdown.

Support Venues You Feel Are Important

It’s good to support venues you feel are important because they’ve had a very rough time of it over the last year. This might involve going to bars or nightclubs that are more your speed but are also positive forces for good in the local area, such as those that champion indie music artists of every genre.

It might be that you drop into those venues that have a reputation for great tapas during the day and support them at that time, too. While it’s true that you have no real obligation to the businesses on the high street or those that foster a good and healthy night atmosphere, if you’ve had a good time, or you support their philosophy on entertaining, this can be a great place to start.

Understand Your Tastes May Have Changed

It’s fine to admit that your tastes may have changed in the year and a half off going out in the evening. Perhaps you’ve had to adapt to inviting friends over more often, to the point where curating your home bar and comforting garden furniture is much more enjoyable to you than spending money in a local bar.

Or, perhaps you just wish to be teetoal, and thus know that going out amid people who aren’t isn’t very enjoyable. It’s okay to admit that your tastes may have changed, and of course, recognize everything that this implies going forward. As time moves on, you’re much more likely to respect yourself if you can curate your own definition of what nightlife means instead of feeling that you must fit a certain standard.

Go For Better, Higher Quality Nights Out

Instead of going out three or four times a month (or perhaps even more than that), it can be a good idea to save your money and go for the nights out that you really do wish to experience. This might involve attending gigs or concerts, following your favorite comedians around a circuit, or attending late-night theatre shows followed by a gorgeous meal in a local restaurant.


Little measures like this may be more expensive and take a little more planning, but they’re so much more enjoyable than feeling obligated to do the same thing every week. If Covid lockdown has taught us anything, it’s to be more discerning and to spend time where you really wish to spend it.

Get Your Kids Involved!

Of course, that which we usually consider ‘the nightlife’ will change when we have children. While it can be nice to have a helper or babysitter look after them once or twice a month while you spend a night with your partner, bringing your kids along to family-friendly establishments once in a while can also be healthy. If you have got teenagers that are just a little too young, there are things that you can do to help them out – just check out this FAQ page.

Perhaps you don’t go out as late now, but enjoying a nice meal in a restaurant with your family can work wonders in feeling comfortable and relaxed, and really giving yourself the chance to blow off some steam outside of your house.

Schedule Your Own Nightlife!

The skills we learned from lockdown can really come into play here, and quite happily too. Scheduling some of your own nightlife experiences at home can help you take it at your own pace without having to spend too much money. A great movie night in, for instance, can be a great idea if loading up on snacks and drinks and having a fun time following a storyline with your family.

Perhaps you can curate a talent show with your children, or simply spend time preparing the ingredients for baking the next day. Whatever gives you joy in the evening is a great way of defining the nightlife, helping you avoid the feeling of needing to set an artificial standard.

With this advice, we hope you can settle back into the nightlife even in a post-Covid world.

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