Meal Planning Monday

Another Monday already! Last week was a complete fail at sticking to the meal plan to be honest. We did well on Monday…and then it went down-hill from there. The boys didn’t go to their after school club where they usually have some toast, so I had to cobble something together. We had leftover sausages from Monday, so I chucked them in with some pasta and beans and turned it into a sort of pasta bake.  I was then really organised, getting the chicken out to defrost to make a pie on Wednesday, only for a pipe to split in our boiler, which meant water pissing out all over the kitchen. The clever dick who designed our kitchen put the cooker socket right under the boiler, so the socket got soaked. I had to wait until the evening when it was too late to cook anything, for someone to look at it and check it was safe. Thank god for Just Eat! That totally threw me out, and to be honest, apart from Sunday when we had our roast, it was a ‘throw something in the oven’ week! Our boiler should be fixed at some point this week and I’m hoping that won’t cause too much disruption – I have some meals in the freezer ready just in case!

Meal Planning Monday

Here is this week’s plan:

Monday: Homemade chicken and mushroom pie, mashed potato and veg

Tuesday: Maple chilli and rice

Wednesday: Homemade soup with crusty bread

Thursday: Pizza, chips and garlic bread

Friday: Butter chicken and rice

Saturday: Sweet and sour pork with egg noodles 

Sunday: Fajitas

What’s on your meal plan this week?


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday”

  1. I’m having a freezer clear out for spring
    Tend to batch bake a lot so lots of individual portions of soups stews Bolognese and pies-might take a couple of weeks to clear

  2. mmm, some tasty ideas. I tend to wing it everyday. Probably curry tonight

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