DeLonghi Kmix 15 Bars Pump Espresso Maker

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The DeLonghi Kmix 15-BAR pump is a durable, long-lasting machine made of entirely aluminum and stainless steel and will stand up better over time to such use.

Choosing between espresso machines can be mind-boggling for many consumers. There is a great variety of espresso machines to choose from. There is also a wide pricing range for the best espresso machines. The difference between a perfect fit machine and one that isn’t so great is a complex blend of style, reliability, and ease of use. The choice revolves around choosing the right coffee and espresso machines.

Key Features

 The DeLonghi Kmix 15 bars pump espresso maker falls into the middle-high price range for an espresso machine. For about $300, this machine is a good fit for an espresso enthusiast. It is an automatic pump machine that still gives the user excellent control over shot timing, ground fineness, and coffee volume. For many espresso lovers, this control and direct touch level are essential to their coffee-making experience and enjoyment.

That said, it takes a lot of time to grind beans, measure the grounds, tamp the coffee and brew the shot. It can also be a messy ordeal resulting in a countertop covered in coffee grounds and multiple dirty instruments to clean. The DeLonghi Kmix gave users a unique choice and proved an important point in espresso machine reviews. It has a dual system allowing it to brew premade coffee pods.

This is perfect for the coffee maker, who is sometimes in a hurry. However, the pairing of coffee and espresso machines is important. If pod coffee quality is all you are looking for in a coffee maker, $300 might be a bit steep. This machine’s flexibility makes it a stand out among the best espresso machines.

Pros & Cons

In terms of style, the Kmix has a much better variety than many others. It throws the classic black with a stainless steel look totally out the window offering up a wide variety of bright and flashy colors from green to magenta. The colors may not fit in every kitchen but be assured there is a color for even the most unique brewing location.

That said, the Kmix doesn’t do anything spectacular for its high price. According to espresso machine reviews, it is a durable, long-lasting machine made of entirely aluminum and stainless steel instead of a cheaper mixture of metallic and plastic parts.

Machines producing a comparable 15 bars of pump pressure, such as the Cuisinart EM-100, can be found for $150 less and achieve basically the same job. Price often becomes a question of reliability. If the machine is only going to make a few shots a day several days a week, the cheaper option is enough. If it is going to make multiple shots per day, the Kmix will stand up better over time to such use every day.


 Graduating in price to something more than the DeLonghi Kmix introduces the user to the “super automatic” machines, such as the Saeco 4045 Vienna (priced around $450). These are the best espresso machines under $500 and come with built-in grinders and a variety of automatic features that make coffee brewing a breeze, but may actually be a turn-off for true enthusiasts. All those automatic features mean less hands-on control of the process and product. If you’re willing to invest in the Kmix for its “ease of use” features, consider spending an extra $150 for a super-automatic.

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