22 Weeks Update

Not a lot to write about this week. Movements have been getting bigger and bigger to the point where Graham can feel gentle kicks if he puts his hand on my tummy, which is lovely.

I’m really struggling to sleep at night now, even though the nights have cooled down a bit .I just can’t seem to get comfortable, but I’m hoping that my new Theraline pregnancy pillow (review coming soon!) helps.

I’ve also had a rotten cold – bunged up/runny nose, sore throat, fuzzy head and all achey. Luckily, the worst of it seems to have passed but for a couple of days I felt absolutely vile. Normally when I have a cold I dose up on the strongest painkillers but obviously being pregnant I can’t do that. The kids have it now, which although isn’t very nice for them, it means they are quite content to chill on the sofa and watch films, giving me a chance to put my feet up for a bit.

On a more positive note, we have pretty much everything sorted, apart from cot mattresses. The pushchair came on Friday and is lovely – be blogging about it next week. I also have had another delivery of cloth nappies which have been pre-washed and Alex is road testing them for us. So far, so good!

We’ve also been busy swapping the bedrooms round – the boys are all going to share and are having our room, which is huge. We’ve been starting to sort out the baby stuff from the loft and a few things have been washed – some of the muslins we had for Harrison, and the odd tiny sleepsuit and vest has been washed and put in Benjamin’s drawers We might as well make the most of the good drying weather to get as much done as possible rather than leave it all to the Autumn . It’s so weird handling all tiny baby stuff again, but it is all starting to feel real now.

Anyway, that’s it really for this week. As always, here is Benjamin bump!

22 week bump




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3 thoughts on “22 Weeks Update”

  1. Hi! Stopping by from blogging mummy’s preggo linky! I know what you mean about the clothes. It makes it so real! Thankful for another boy bump as I got to go through my E’s old sleepsuits & it gave me a very warm fuzzy feeling!

  2. Gosh I’m massively impressed at your organisation! I’m 33 weeks and still have yet to venture into the loft for the baby clothes etc. As I write this the husband has finally starting painting the baby’s room though, so hopefully we’ll get there soon! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again! x

  3. WOW weee your very organised. I am 35 weeks and we have only just put the cot up. Best to be organised though 🙂

    Glad your feeling a bit better, awful feeling ill esp when pregnant too. Its crazy seeing all the baby grows and how small they were dont you think. I couldnt believe how small my Little Man was


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