Day 2 at Bluestone Wales: A Visit to Tenby

You can read about our first day at Bluestone by clicking here.

We had a really early night (asleep by 9.15am!), so Graham, Harrison and me were up by 6am. Normally I’d just turn over and try to go back to sleep if I woke up that early at home, but I didn’t want to waste a single minute of the beautiful view. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and having a coffee out on the patio in the early morning sunshine was one of those moments that just sticks with you.

Morning coffee

Graham went down to the shop to pick up something for breakfast (sausage sandwiches!) and I asked him to get me some ‘real coffee’. There was a cafetiere in the lodge, and having something other than instant coffee is a bit of a treat. He came back with a jar of Nescafe – FAIL!!!

Although there is more than enough to do on the site, we had already decided that if the weather was nice, we would go out and explore beautiful Pembrokeshire. After all, living in the middle of Birmingham means we don’t see a lot of the seaside or countryside. We decided to head to Tenby as everyone had said how lovely it was. After dragging the others out of bed and having breakfast, we set off.

Tenby is about twelve miles from Bluestone and is a lovely drive. It’s a beautiful seaside resort and harbour town, with pastel coloured cottages overlooking the beach and harbour. We decided to head to the South beach. We found a car park called Five Arches which is the closest one to the beach. It was only a fiver or so for 24 hours parking, which I think is pretty good. We unloaded the car (kids, pushchair, changing bag, bag with towels, buckets and spades, the kitchen sink…) and walked towards the town.

Loading up the car for the day
Loading up the car for the day

When I think of the perfect seaside town, I think of narrow hilly streets, with ice cream and sweet shops, shops selling souveniers and buckets and spades, pastel coloured houses, tea rooms and glimpes of the sea every so often. Tenby was that and so much more.


We headed straight down towards the beach – an extremely steep hill between two buildings but was well worth the view. We did find a much easier route down there later in the day.


With beautiful hot sunshine, and views of blue sea and sky, you could forget you were in the UK for a while. In fact, if you had asked me whether I would have rather have been there or abroad, Tenby would have won hands down. We got onto the beach and found a little spot behind the cave. The boys had some water pistols so they had fun filling them up in the rockpools and squirting each other, whilst Ben just wanted to eat sand.


What we didn’t notice was that the tide was coming in extremely quickly, and within minutes we were cut off from the main beach – woops! Luckily, it was only ankle depth so Graham carried the pushchair back over and we set up camp a bit further back. The boys stripped down to their tshirts and pants and went to play in the sea. Harrison wasn’t quite so keen on the sea, but Alex loved jumping over the waves!


After an hour or so, we headed back up into the town for a drink and something to eat. We found a bakery and tried one of their amazing Welsh oggies. I also picked up some Welsh cakes, which I love!

Welsh oggie

Of course, after lunch we had to go and have an ice cream. It’s almost compulsory at the seaside!



We had a wander down to the harbour to look at the boats. My heart was pretty much in my mouth at this point with the open barriers and big drops down into the water!



We then headed back to the beach, and sat and made some sandcastles for a couple of hours. At around half two we headed back to the car – we wanted to go down to see what was happening in the Bluestone village after dinner, so needed to get back to have showers and get rid of the sand and sun cream that was stuck to us all.

Once we had all freshened up back at the lodge in the amazing power showers, and had a little barbecue on the patio (you can buy disposable BBQs from the shop), we headed down to the village. There was a big tent in the middle, and Graham had spotted something going on there the previous night.Unfortunately, it wasn’t on that evening, but the kids went and played on the treehouse playground and we sat and had a drink.


It was a really lovely evening – until Harrison fell over and grazed all his face! When the kids were in bed we sat and watched the beautiful sunset from the patio.


Come back tomorrow and see what we got up to on day three!

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  1. what a lovely day trip, I have seen posts from Tenby before, it looks like such an amazing sea side town and the beach really reminds me of Polzeath, our favourite beach here. The tide can come in quick here, great if you are building castles as they are surrounded in water in no time but you do have to be careful. Sounds like it all worked out for you with a little ankle deep wading. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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