How Do You Create Your Ideal Style Of Home? Find Out Here

If you’ve recently been promoted or you just like the good life, then why not turn your home into a luxurious haven where you can really relax every night when you get home from work? Go for well-made materials and furniture. For instance, when it comes to bedding, make sure that you get sheets with a high thread count, preferably made out of Egyptian cotton, which is the best in the world. True luxury is all about comfort, so splash out on a couch that you can really enjoy every evening with decor couch pillows that not only look great, but make you want to sink into your couch and relax every night. Go for rich, warm colours, and heavy, sumptuous fabrics like silk and velvet. In your kitchen, go for marble worktops and high-quality appliances so you can eat just as well as you can relax.


If you have a family then chances are you’re looking for a very functional home that focuses much more on substance over style. Make sure that you go for surfaces and materials that are wipe clean – a leather or faux leather couch might be the best option while you have small children who are likely to put sticky hands and chocolate crumbs all over your couch! If you don’t want to go for leather, use a material that won’t stain and for a couch cover that can be taken off the furniture so it can be laundered.  Make sure that you don’t go for tables or shelves that have too many sharp edges, or that provide opportunities for small, adventurous kids to try to climb onto them. You don’t want your home to cause any injuries! If you are older, you might want to consider a home on one level or one with straight stairs for the easy fitting of stairlifts should you lose mobility.


If you want a quirky home, then you need to know that you won’t be able to create it overnight. You need to constantly watch out for pieces that you can add to your home, whether that’s online or in stores. Check out the sales sections of websites like Urban Outfitters after Christmas to buy your perfect cactus-shaped lamp or neon sign, and try to frequent antiques store at the weekends. Don’t worry about clashing colours or other people’s opinions – what matters most is what you think. Go for different fabrics, bright glorious jewel tones and interesting pieces of artwork to turn your home into a creative haven.


If you’re considering making your home a minimalist paradise, then chances are you’re a very neat, organised person who thinks – correctly! – that a tidy desk means a tidy mind. Go for pale colours for the walls like white or pale grey, and go for wooden floors with the occasional rug so that your feet don’t end up getting too cold. If you want to go for a really uncluttered vibe then it’s essential that you consider your storage solutions so it’s easy for you to put everything away. The insides of your closets need to be just as tidy as the outer surfaces of your home: label everything and make sure all your possessions have a place where they should be kept.

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