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When we found out back in April last year that I was pregnant with Benjamin, we knew that we would need to buy a new pushchair. The travel system that we had for Harrison had also lasted for Alex, but was starting to look very well used. It was a fab pushchair – it was used as a buggy for both of them as well – but was very plain and simple. This time round, I wanted something functional AND funky.

We didn’t need a car seat because we already have one, but I knew I wanted a pushchair with a carrycot, something which we didn’t have on our old pram. I love seeing little babies all snuggled up in the carrycot, especially as we knew Ben would arrive in the winter and have to be dragged out on cold school runs.

I also wanted a pushchair that was light and easy to manoeuvre one- handed. I need the other hand free to hold Alex’s hand. With both Graham and me being tall (I’m 5ft 10, he’s 6ft 2), the handlebar needed to be high enough for us to push comfortably. I also knew I wanted a pushchair that stood out, that made people look and say ‘oooh I like that one’.

At the Baby Show we looked at what felt like hundreds of different prams and travel systems, but the only one that seemed to tick every single box was the Cosatto Giggle.  After much discussion over which one we were going to have, we settled on the Pablo. I just loved the colours! I’d never seen anyone with this one before, and knew it would certainly brighten up dull and dreary winter days! We ordered it when I was 20 weeks pregnant and I was itching to get it out and start playing. I managed to hold off until 4 weeks before Ben

We ordered it when I was 20 weeks pregnant and I was itching to get it out and start playing. I managed to hold off until 4 weeks before Ben arrived when our other pushchair all but gave up. Alex was the first to road test the pushchair in both forward and parent facing mode. His face says it all:


Even as a very tall 2-year-old, Alex fits comfortably in the seat, which is easy to swap between parent and forward facing. I really struggle with doing things like folding and changing things over (honestly – my brain doesn’t cope with levers and buttons and things!) but this was so simple! He wasn’t as keen on the parent facing mode – mostly because he is inquisitive and wants to see what is going on, but I also found that he occasionally kicked me because of his long legs. He liked that pushchair that much that it started causing me problems – he was so comfy in it that he kept falling asleep in it on the way to pick Harrison up from school, which was bad timing! When he did fall asleep, it was easy to recline the seat back into a lying down position.


Raincovers are something else I always struggle with, but this one (which comes with it) is easy to pop on. I haven’t tried the cosy toes yet – that will get used with Benjamin next winter – but I imagine that will be just as easy to attach.

The handlebar is height adjustable, meaning me and Graham can have it in a position that makes it comfortable to push. The shopping basket underneath is fair sized, with more than enough space to pop in a carton of milk and loaf of bread.

Because it is three-wheeled, it is incredibly easy to manoeuvre, even one handed, which is an absolute must when walking with two children and getting on and off buses. It is also really light. The base is quite wide at the back, and something to consider if you need to fit it into a car. It folds down flat (you have to take the seat or carrycot unit off) but is wide. It just about fits in my brothers Fiesta, with the parcel shelf removed. You then also need to make sure you have space for the carrycot or seat – we had to wedge the carrycot on the back seat of my brother’s car.

When Benjamin came along, we took him out in the Pablo when he was three days old. We only walked round to Tesco but the pram got lots of admiring looks.


The shopping basket is much more accessible in this mode, and the matching changing bag (with a fold up mat and plenty of space for bottles, nappies, wipes and spare clothes) hangs nicely.


I absolutely love this pushchair. Every time we take it out someone comments on how lovely and colourful it is.



I have not been compensated for this post – I just love the pushchair!


8 thoughts on “Cosatto Giggle Review”

  1. Wow I absolutely love it. I’m looking for a new pushchair and cossato really run out in the design front x

  2. Love Cosatto designs, We have the cherry pop high chair but I love the pushchair designs especially the girly ones 🙂 x

  3. Ooo we have a giggle in New Wave though I’ve fallen in love with their star print now so may swap! Great review and hadn’t heard of Beebies so I’ll take a look!

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