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Buying Second Hand |

Like millions of people in the UK, we are on a tight budget. When something breaks down, needs replacing or the kids have a sudden growth spurt and need new clothes, it can be a bit ‘oh s**t, where is the money for that going to come from?’ However, over the past few years, we have saved ourselves an absolute fortune by buying second hand, or even going on freebie sites. We have had everything from furniture and appliances to clothes and toys. Thankfully, thanks to places such as eBay, there is no longer any stigma to buying second hand, and quite rightly so. After all, no one would bat an eyelid at someone buying a used car – what’s the difference with other items?

This week, we went and picked up an LG fridge freezer that someone was giving away in a local freebie group on Facebook. Our fridge was on its very last legs, and we were bracing ourselves for having to find the best part of £200 over the summer to go and buy a new one. This one cost us absolutely nothing – the lady getting rid of it just wanted it out of the way quickly. When I say ‘old’, to look at the fridge freezer looks brand new!

I’ve been thinking about all of the things that we have over the years, from Facebook sites, charity shops, car boots Gumtree and family and friends. I’ve never really got to grips with eBay, but if I had, I’m sure I would have been scouring the site for a few bargains!

Some of our second-hand finds include:

  • A lightweight buggy
  • A dining table and chairs
  • A fridge freezer
  • About 75% of the kids clothes
  • Clothes, shoes and bags for me
  • Clothes for Graham, including a brand new, genuine Peter Werth coat
  • Books for the kids and me
  • Toys, including a slide
  • Shelving unit
  • Ikea storage unit
  • TV Stand
  • Almost brand new leather sofas (completely free, perfect condition and still going strong five years and three boisterous children later!)
  • Under counter freezer
  • Toddler bed
  • Single bed
  • Wardrobes
  • Curtains
  • Double bed
  • Patio set
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Moses basket
  • Baby bouncer
  • Cot

Pretty much all of this stuff, apart from the TV stand and Ikea unit, and some of the clothes cost us absolutely nothing! We’re sensible with what we get – I’ll only get things if they look in decent quality in pictures (and so far we have been lucky that nothing has turned out to be minging when we’ve picked it up!) and I will only go a certain distance to get something, unless it is something we desperately need. When it comes to a lot of these items, I don’t see the point of going out and spending a fortune on them if someone is trying to get rid of exactly the same thing for a lot less money. I’m making sure we are paying all this forward though – I gave away the kids old pushchair, which still had plenty of life left in it in a Facebook group, and have sold a lot of the baby stuff and outgrown clothes cheaply on Gumtree and on Facebook. It means I don’t have to faff about, and will help someone else out.

I asked a few fellow bloggers what bargains they had picked up second hand or off freebie sites. Laura from Dear Bear and Beany picked up a double stroller for £25 and Kate from LesbeMums got a walker for a fiver. Jaime from The Oliver’s Madhouse managed to grab some furniture for £125, and it lasted her four years. Helen from Casa Costello  even got a caravan, won by someone who didn’t like caravans on The Price is Right! Emma from Life According to Mrs Shilts and Megan from Truly Madly Kids both managed to pick up some really useful freebies as well, proving that if you look in the right places, some absolute bargains can be had!

So, join a few of the local Facebook selling and freebie groups, have a mooch on Gumtree, and scour your local charity shops. You might just find exactly what you are looking for!

19 thoughts on “Buying Second Hand”

  1. I love rummaging through boxes for second-hand finds. When we travel, I sometimes make DH pull over just because there’s a sign that says “yard sale”. You just never know what you’re going to find!

  2. Oh I just love this post! We are also huge fans of buying things second hand. It’s not just about the money either, the disposable culture is everything that is wrong with society. Reusing and recycling is the future – it’s the only way we’ll have a future, we can’t keep sendng everything to landfill.

  3. It really does pay to look for secondhand goods! We recently got a secondhand sofa for £100 from Gumtree and it was practically brand new! x

  4. I’m so with you on this, most of the furniture in my house is 2nd hand. You can get some real bargains from Gumtree and eBay.

  5. I totally think it is amazing what bargains people find, a friend of mine bought a handbag in a charity shop for £30 turns it was an original rare edition and worth ten times what she paid for it x

  6. Some of my greatest treasures have come from thrift shops. You never know what goodies you’re gonna find.

  7. I’ve sold a few things over the years to thrift shops, and bought a few things as well. I used to sell or buy on eBay, but kind of got out of the habit. There are a lot great finds at consignment stores for kids. It’s amazing to see brand new items that have never been used for such great deals.

  8. It would be nice to be able to save on furniture and appliances by buying second hand. I think it’s really smart and practical, I mean if you can buy quality items for cheaper prices why not! Good job on doing that!

  9. I love shopping in thrift stores. You get things cheaper and you can find some great items too. There is always something great when I go thrift shopping. It’s a lot of fun too!

  10. It really is nice when you can find a lot of what you need second hand. Those savings really make a difference over time.

  11. So nice to have things that don’t cost a fortune. Even nicer that there’s not nine bazillion credit cards to pay off for ‘stuff.’

  12. I like buying second hand. It allows me to find great items at very low price.

  13. The location certainly matters when it comes to finding bargains. It’s good to her that there are good deals almost everywhere and the internet makes it easy to find them. I would avoid used clothes though but that’s just my preference.

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