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Everyone wonders what it would be like to have a pond, don’t they? From thoughtful morning meditations to lazy afternoons watching the fish ponds just make things seem better in TV and movies. If a character has a big decision to make, they head to a body of water be it the ocean, lake or nearby river. A big love scene always looks better when it takes place in a rowing boat on a large pond or lake!

It’ll Make The Garden Nicer

Ponds are basically self-contained ecosystems; they attract a variety of animals, insects and even birds which in turn allow more plants and flowers to flourish. A healthy pond will also act as a focal point, drawing the eye away from the straggly bushes or falling down garden shed and settle on a pretty body of water. Thanks to the added wildlife, attracted by the promise of a free drink or dip, your garden will seem busier, colourful and full of life plus wouldn’t it be amazing to spot frogs on the waterlilies or see a hedgehog family emerge from the undergrowth at dusk? Modern ponds do tend to be more streamlined, are often square or rectangle instead of round and feature tropical plants and flowers.

Safe Waters

Some of us are drawn to water due to its simplicity while others love the feeling of running their fingers under a cold tap and feeling the refreshing spray on their skin. Water is a beautiful element, and if you love the sound of the ocean waves, a river or even the sound water makes as it gurgles down the plug hole then a pond is for you! Use water features wherever possible, and if you’re looking for a quality pond filter Suppliers of Oase have all the latest kit you’ll need to keep your pond looking its best. The calming sound of a waterfall or the quiet reassurance of the pond filter will help lull you to sleep while coming home to a truly tranquil space at the end of a long work day will help you de-stress more than any meditation tape could. Simple tasks like brushing away the leaves with a pond net, feeding the fish or putting in new garden plants will help not only connect you to nature but allow your mind to quieten down.

Everything In Its Place

Ponds are a fabulous feature to install when it comes to making the most of any wasted space as they can be as big, or as small as you like. You can even build ponds indoors, either as a water garden or in the form of large square plunge pools the same way fancy hotel and restaurants have them in their lobbies. Don’t forget the Koi Carp either! These fish are gorgeous creatures and will eat fly larvae that’s sitting on the pond’s surface. Don’t feel like it needs to look pristine; creative types might prefer a lush, wild pond while others who prefer things to be a little more organised will want a neat, tidy water garden with purple lilies and lovely green reeds.

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