10 Signs That You Should Start Taking Precautions against Aging

Aging is unavoidable and anyone who is denying it is making fool of himself. It is good and healthy to feel young at heart but we cannot ignore the fact that our body and face start showing the signs of aging once we hit the 30’s. And here, I am just referring to the visible changes. We also experience changes in the internal functioning of our body and if do not act on this change; we may end up getting slow and lazy with a weakened immune system.

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Once we reach 30, there needs to be a shift in our lifestyle. That includes a change in our eating habits, our outings, working style, and the way we take care of our health. But the first change we need is to find acceptance in our minds and hearts; acceptance about the fact that life goes on and it is okay to accept that we all are getting older day by day.

Sometimes the problem is that we somehow refuse to acknowledge the problem itself. So in you are in that phase or even if you are unaware of it, you have come to the right place. Following are some major and minor signs that you should look for after crossing a certain age


Changes in the skin are the first thing you will notice once you start aging. It all starts with teeny tiny fine lines on your forehead, at the corner of your eyes, and on the edges of your smile. These fine lines can turn into deep wrinkles if not taken care of at the right time. Your skin also starts to sag a little; using skin tightening products helps to avoid this problem. You will also notice that you get bruised very easily. Your skin also starts getting dull and it can be very frustrating. Using appropriate skin products and supplements at the right time can slow ageing and help to avoid these problems. Take a look at some Activated You reviews to see just how they can help you.


When your precious shiny hair also starts giving you problems, know that it is a sign of aging and that you need to do something about it as soon as you can or it may get worse. Your hair gets dull and brittle and you may experience a lot of hair fall. What you need to is avoid using heat and chemicals on your hair and instead, switch over to the natural products. It can help bring the shine back to your hair and make them stronger.


Weakened eyesight is yet another sign that you are getting older. Instead of cribbing about it, start taking required supplements that can help you strengthen your eyesight before your vision gets weaker. It is important that you start visiting your doctor regularly and follow his instructions. Along with eyesight, you should also take precautions to strengthen the health of your ears in order to avoid the hearing problem.


Some people start experiencing low memory in their 30’s while some might experience it quite in the later stages. Some even experience brain fog. Although it can happen at any stage, some people experience it as a sign of their aging process. Brain fogging is not exactly a medical condition but a symptom of aging or other medical condition. Dr. Bill Andrews from Siorai.com explains that brain fog is a result of issues with the frontal lobe in the brain. Lack of concentration, slow learning, fatigue, forgetfulness, and slow decision making are some symptoms that might indicate this problem. 

Internal health:

Our body lowers its pace of functioning as compared to how it used to function before. The arteries and blood vessels become quite stiff and thus make the heart work harder. Increased physical activities and a healthy diet can help strengthen your heart. One also starts to experience muscle and joint pains after a certain age. Intake of important supplements like calcium and vitamins can help make your bones stronger and healthier. To avoid pain and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism you can also explore innovative medical approaches, such as IV stem cell therapy, which holds the potential for addressing various age-related health concerns in a more personalized manner. Avoiding excess alcohol and smoking can also help you stay younger and healthier.

 Lifestyle change:

Your working pace also starts lowering down after you hit a certain age. Fatigue kicks in and your energy levels are quite low. You know you have started with the process of aging when you skip the Saturday night party and prefer to stay in bed and watch your favorite show. It is okay to make these small changes and alter your lifestyle. But it is equally important to stay active; be it about completing all your chores or working assignments on time or about your exercise regime.

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