Tips for Planning a Trendy Wedding

If your idea of a wedding involves eating a slice of tiered cake and throwing some rice, you must be old-fashioned. Nowadays, people prefer to throw light sparklers instead of rice. Moreover, trendy couples prefer to get married in barns and parks instead of churches. While many people choose to organise separate hen and stag parties with a company such as, others like to have joint ones. 

Here are some tips on how to handle different aspects of your wedding in a trendy manner:


Instead of having a traditional printed program, send it via email to your guests. If you like to be creative, you can also use a chalkboard to point guests in the right direction on your wedding day. If you do want a traditional priest to preside over your ceremony, one of your friends can get online certification and perform it for you.

Why should you make a mess by throwing rice? Choose bubbles or sparklers instead for more pomp and style. You do not need to have a female best maid, you can ask your male friends to be your ‘best maid’. On the other hand, your fiancée can opt for a female ‘best man’.

The Setting

Garden and beach weddings are more popular than ballroom weddings. However, wedding venues are becoming increasingly more rustic. You can now have a barn or campground wedding and let your guests bunk with you for the weekend.

Such semi-outdoor settings make weddings feel like summer camp instead of serious, formal occasions. You can include scavenger hunts, croquet, and trivia games in your list of activities for a wedding to remember.


Instead of planning a dull, seated dinner, you can opt for food trucks, oyster bars, or wedding brunches. You should also buy everything you need for a candy buffet for your sweet-toothed guests. Consider adding multicultural menus that include sushi stations and taco bars. If you do not want the traditional three-tiered cake, go for pies, candy buffets, and gourmet doughnuts. When buying alcohol, consider going for signature cocktails and craft beer.


Floral trends include wild and green flowers: holly berries, wildflowers, and eucalyptus. If you are donning ivory bridal gowns from Azazie for example, choose flowers that are close in colour. Some brides still prefer to toss the bouquets to their bridesmaids, but others have done away with this tradition.


Nowadays, couples use Pinterest, Etsy, and Instagram when looking for inspiration. You can also find directions and schedules on personal wedding sites. Are you looking digital registries? They are no longer limited to individual retailers.

Sites such as Amazon have wedding registries, where you can amass products from a number of retailers. If you have plenty of silverware and appliances, consider donations through crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe.

When it comes to wedding pictures, you can ask all your guests to post them online using hashtags to make them easier to find. If you like, you can have your wedding video shot from a drone or live streamed on YouTube for people who could not make it. As for the wedding gown, you can choose one with a pocket and keep your cell phone handy for selfies and Snapchat.

If you are against having cell phones on your big day, ask your guests to put them away to minimize distractions. When you ban Smartphones from your wedding, you will reduce the number of unflattering photos. This can be a good move, especially if you are self-conscious.

Hire a single professional photographer who will take good pictures at your wedding and edit them. Just make sure that you forward them to your guests.

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