21 Week Update

Well, we had the 20-week scan on Monday. I was incredibly nervous. Lots of us get excited about possibly finding out the sex at this scan, but what is most important about this scan is that is that it is there to check the baby is healthy. It never crossed my mind that there would be any problems when I was pregnant with Harrison and Alex, but after seeing a fellow blogger find out her baby was very poorly at her 20-week scan, I realised that actually, there is always that chance.

Baby was VERY uncooperative, to begin with, curling up into a ball, with it’s back to us and legs crossed. At one point it looked like we would have to back as she couldn’t see enough to do a full scan. After a bit of prodding and poking, it played ball. Absolutely everything that she could see seems absolutely fine, which was a relief!

Baby still had its legs crossed, but the woman was brilliant and did everything she could to get it to open its legs. She said she had an inkling but couldn’t be sure. A couple of minutes later and baby gave us a quick flash. We were all left in absolutely no doubt whatsoever what sex baby is…


Yes. That is baby Benjamin’s willy! We are having another boy! I am now outnumbered. Because he was being a little monkey we couldn’t get a decent photo but the sonographer kindly gave us this picture of his willy – one to show his girlfriend when he’s older! I’ve been asked if I’m disappointed that we won’t have a little girl. My truthful answer is I’m absolutely over the moon to be having another boy, but a little sad that we won’t be having a girl. I will now have three beautiful son’s, all fairly close in age who will hopefully grow up to be best of friends and look after me when I’m an old lady! I also won’t have to do the birds and bees talk (that will be Graham’s job x3!), it will be cheaper (we have all the clothes already!) and I won’t have to put up with a stroppy teenage girl at any point!

We have decided that baby will be called Benjamin Rhys. Lots of people wonder why we already have a name sorted and have revealed it. We want Harrison and Alex to be familiar with the name and the fact that there will be another baby, so by having a name we can get them used to the idea. Harrison already tells me he is going to hold Benjamin on his lap and give him his milk and cuddles. Alex comes over and kisses my tummy.

Since the scan, the kicks have really intensified, to the point where if you really concentrate and know where to feel, you can feel them on the outside of my tummy. I have an anterior placenta, which means my placenta is at the front rather than the back. I also had this with Alex. It doesn’t make much difference apart from can make it a bit harder earlier on to feel movement. I’ve been feeling movement for weeks now, but only very gentle ones so that explains why.

The day after the scan we started buying the few bits we needed. I’ve ordered another ten cloth nappies. This time we are trying ones from Alva baby. I ordered a mixture of prints and patterns, a wet bag and a nappy bucket from Amazon and some more microfibre and bamboo liners. Watch out for a post about those next week! Even more exciting is that we have ordered the pushchair, which should be here later today! We were originally going to get the Cosatto All-Star, but changed our mind and ordered this extremely bright and funky Cosatto Pablo from Beebies Baby Store.


We had a plain black Graco pushchair for Harrison, which has been absolutely brilliant and lasted for Alex as well. In fact, it was the only pushchair we bought – it went from baby to toddler. Structurally there’s nothing wrong with it now, but it’s very faded (being black) and looking a bit battered. I love that the Pablo is so bright and cheerful, and will certainly brighten up miserable school runs in the winter! Again, watch out for a pre-review in the next couple of weeks!

Anyway, here is my 21-week bump!


21 week bump

19 thoughts on “21 Week Update”

  1. Awww Congrats! 🙂 Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy!! How lovely and WOW at that pushchair!! That is fabulous! xx

  2. Aww definitely a photo for embarrassing the teenager! Congratulations, it’s a lovely name to choose too!

  3. I think it is such a fab idea for Harrison and Alex to know the name of their soon to be baby brother, so cute x

  4. Ooh that buggy’s GORGEOUS! And so exciting to start getting things ready. Congratulations on another little boy – my husband is one of three brothers and they have a very special relationship. Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again – am now going to go back and swoon over your pram some more!

  5. Fab news 😀 We decided the name of our second child within 5 mins after the scan, our son named her so that made it easy for us 🙂

  6. Congratulations! It’s a boy 🙂 The first scan we had my son would only show us his bottom. He did not budge and there was no way to see anything else. The second time he posed us and it was easy to see that he was a boy 🙂 It’s a wonderful moment and a dear memory.

  7. Great to hear everything is going well and that the baby is healthy. Lovely to hear you are having a baby boy. Such an exciting time for you all.

  8. Great to hear that all is well with baby Benjamin. You have chosen a lovely name. It’s very exciting buying a new pushchair too-I really like that it is so brightly coloured.

  9. Such exciting news. Lots of people in that situation wouldn’t have found out the gender so I think your sonographer was very patient and baby was very accommodating. Great news.
    Liska xx

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