Bluestone day 5: The final day

As you will have read in my previous posts, we were invited to spend four nights at Bluestone in Wales. We had the most wonderful week – staying in a beautiful lodge with perfect weather. We had packed most of our stuff the night before. We needed to leave the lodge at 10.30am, and the last thing we wanted to be doing was running about trying to pack in the morning. Graham was up early to get the car from the car park. Bluestone is a car free site apart from check in and check out. Whilst the kids were asleep we packed as much as we could. When the boys got up, they realised it was time to say goodbye to the lodge – they obviously felt the same way as us about leaving!



11209576_10155742684275500_8931258970087949208_nOnce the car was loaded, we said our goodbyes to the lodge and took the car back to the car park. Although we needed to leave the lodge at 10.30am, we were able to use the resort facilities until 3pm. We had ummed and aahhed about going to the Blue Lagoon Water Park, but the swimming stuff was at the bottom of the car boot. We went to the Wild Wood Cafe for some breakfast, and then for a play in the Circus Zone. I thought this room was absolutely fantastic, and perfect for our three. Benjamin could crawl around and practise standing in the soft play area, and the boys could play on the sit on rollercoaster, practise balancing on the gym equipment and build towers with the giant bricks.

10985196_10155744211790500_3284273616418388492_n11012729_10155744211520500_2391526311375405729_nAt around 11am, we decided we would make a move. We didn’t want to go straight home to Birmingham so had a look on the map to see what there was to do in the area. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side – it was miserable and raining. Stupidly we had forgotten to bring any coats with us. Graham thought I picked them up and I thought he had.

We decided to go to Fishguard – we had seen signposts for it when we were out and about and knew there was a little harbour there. We saw a Peacocks in the town, so I ran in and grabbed some rain jackets for me, Harrison and Alex (any excuse for shopping!). We went down to the harbour which was really cute and quaint and not a single person in sight! Even in the drizzle it was beautiful. There were some steps leading down to a tiny little cove. Graham and me had a quick look and it seems like it is a very popular area for crab and lobster fishing. On the shore line was the body of a huge crab, and we found lots of bits of lobster lying around. The fact I got anywhere near them is a massive achievement for me – regular readers may know I suffer from kabourophobia.





After leaving Fishguard, we had a bit of a drive around – we probably did around 50 miles! We stopped off to get one last ice cream, before we gave in and finally started on the four hour journey home. It wasn’t a pleasant journey. We were all feeling down in the dumps about leaving and managed to get stuck in lots of traffic.

We had an absolutely AMAZING time at Bluestone. We have sat and look at the 300+ photos I took over and over again, and the boys keep asking when we are going back to the lodge. We are hoping to book our holiday with them for next year in a couple of weeks. If you are looking for somewhere with a bit of luxury, beautiful views and plenty to do, I definitely recommend Bluestone!


*We were invited to stay at Bluestone for four nights in return for an honest and unbiased review. 


8 thoughts on “Bluestone day 5: The final day”

  1. awwww those pics are amazing! as much as I want to go to Bluestone, I also kind of want a room at Circus Zone too lol

  2. What lovely photos and sounds like you had an amazing time, too bad the endings always come so quick. But you have to have an end to have a beginning again!
    What a great place to go and give a review.

  3. Bluestone is really good, we loved staying there and can’t wait to go back

  4. I think those faces say it all really — your boys did not want to leave, and who could blame them? Bluestone sounds absolutely lovely. We did somewhere similar this year and loved it, so much less stress than flying abroad. There are so many lovely places in the UK to explore. That cove looks amazing

    1. I think if you have the good weather (which we did every day apart from coming home day!), you can’t beat the UK. It really is beautiful! Thanks for your comment x

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