Birth Plan

So, with baby due pretty much any day now I have started thinking about a ‘birth plan’. To be honest, I don’t always see the point in doing one as neither Harrison’s or Alex’s births followed ‘the plan’. However,  I guess it is a good idea to have a few thoughts scribbled down! I’ve literally written a few bullet points down on a piece of paper and tucked it in to my maternity notes.


Birth Plan

Deliver in the Willow Suite (if possible)

Birth partner: Graham (baby’s daddy/my partner)

Previous births have been quite quick and contractions irregular at times, even at the point of pushing.

Pain Relief: Water birth (if possible) TENS machine brought from home, gas and air

Monitoring and Interventions: as minimal as possible

Immediate skin to skin to encourage breastfeeding. If for any reason I cannot hold Benjamin (baby’s name) straight away then I would like his daddy to be the first to hold him

*Delayed cord clamping*

Daddy to cut cord

I intend to breastfeed for the first couple of days before moving onto formula – however, if I choose not to in the end, I want no pressure from anyone. I breastfed my middle child for almost two years and am aware of the benefits.



So that’s about it. I’m not a diva, I know things tend to go off plan. I included the point about previous births as with Alex they didn’t even check to see how dilated I was until I told them I was about to push because my contractions were short and spaced out still! I also know how midwives often pressurise new mums into breastfeeding – like I said I do intend to breastfeed for a few days, but I don’t want them to start lecturing me about the benefits! The delayed cord clamping I have highlighted as that is something I feel quite strongly about – we chose to do the same with Alex (hadn’t heard about it when I had Harrison) and to be honest, I think it should be something done in every birth, but as it isn’t, I thought I better highlight it!


What was your birth plan like? Did it go to plan?




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