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For his third birthday, Harrison had his first ‘proper’ bike with stabilisers. Before that, he had a balance bike, which has now been passed down to Alex. His reaction when he saw the bike was amazing – he still calls it his ‘birthday bike’ now!

Up until recently, he hadn’t really played on it other than in the back garden, which hasn’t got a great deal of flat concrete for him to ride on properly. With me being pregnant I couldn’t do a lot and Graham needed an extra pair of hands to manage two toddlers on bikes!

The other day, Graham took him for a quick ride up and down the pavement outside our house, where he showed us that had got the hang of pedalling – before he only pedalled half way round.

The weather wasn’t too bad on Saturday so we decided to to take them on their first proper bike ride, down to the local park. Alex had the choice of his balance bike, Toddle Bike and his ride on motorbike. He chose the motorbike. They put on their helmets and off we went!

day 73


He zoomed off like he had been riding for years. We gave him markers to stop at – the lampost, the tree, the red car etc. Alex trailed behind on his motorbike.


After a play on the equipment, it started to get a bit chilly, so we headed home. The walk back was uphill, so he wheeled it back, looking so grown up.


Next step: no stabilisers!

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4 thoughts on “Bike Rides”

  1. Such a great skill and a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Well done the kids and i can see many summer months ahead of practicing their new found skills. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. Aw that photo of him is so sweet. My eldest daughter got a bike last Summer and she loves it, she always wants to go out on it. She is still using stabilisers though. x

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