Best places to try and live in Europe

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Whether you’re planning a long-term move, or a short stint away while the kids are still small, moving to Europe can be incredibly exciting. No grid-system means their roads and architecture is quirky, elegant and historically enchanting. It’s also an excellent opportunity to teach your children a second language, and see the world for more than just a week at a time. If you’re trying to settle on a country to start job-hunting in, here are four economically-sturdy countries which might just be your ticket to a new life abroad.


If your family loves to go skiing, then picking up some French is a great skill to pass on to your children. France’s countryside house prices are notoriously affordable; British holidaymakers often house hunt in the south for the option of an economically-savvy second home. Whether you want the cultural sophistication of Paris or the hot lavishness of the south, that all comes down to personal taste. However, if you plan to reside in a city, the TGV and Eurostar give you access to not just far away regions, but also far away countries – and without so much as an airport in sight!


It’s not just France that has all things continental just a train journey away. Holland now has connections not just around Europe, but also to the United Kingdom. Eurostar now offers a service direct to Holland from London, which means other countries are easily accessible without a plane ride. Holland has everything from a chilled-out suburban culture (with a cute quirk of having village petting zoos, which are perfect for the kids) and cities with a progressive European attitude.

Around the United Kingdom and Ireland

If you would like a change of country but the idea of learning a new language is terrifying, then switching it up within the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you’re based in England then Scotland, Wales, and Northern and Southern Ireland will provide far more dramatic landscapes to explore with the kids. The regional differences across the United Kingdom are so drastic that moving just 100 miles away could provide you with the shake-up that you need. Before you start looking at houses in a different country, contacting a solicitor, such as Bird & Co, will help answer any legal questions you may have.


Aside from the European café culture, one reason you might want to move to Germany is the diversity across the entire country. Berliners offer a cosmopolitan approach to culture with avant-garde art and international cuisine, whereas Munich has everything Deutschland on its doorstep with traditional German culture and ornate architecture. To be eligible for a residence permit in Germany, you must have a valid passport as well as following their immigration procedures. The passport must be valid for at least another additional four months from your planned return from Germany.

If any of these ideas have grabbed your attention, it might be time to book a family vacation to Europe! Unless your work has decided for you which country you’re going to transfer to, it’s best to take a visit, find a solicitor and book a real estate agent to browse some properties and understand what local life is really like.

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