Benjamin’s 9 Month Update

I’m a few days behind with this – he turned 9 months on the 28th but this month has just flown past in absolute blur!

Benjamin's 9 Month |

Benjamin is well on his way to becoming a toddler now. He rarely crawls, but bum shuffles to the nearest place that he can stand up against. Once he’s up, he is climbing and walking along the furniture. He’s also mastered the art of bending down to pick up things. I honestly do not think it will be that long until he is attempting a wobbly step or two.

Benjamin's 9 Month |

He is driving us slightly insane at the moment, crawling towards the fireplace and trying to get out the fake coal, but we don’t have the room for a fireguard. He is also standing up against the TV and thinks it is great fun to bang the TV, or try to grab remote controls and phones.All we seem to be saying at the moment is ‘Ben, no!!’. Of course, he just looks at us and giggles.

I have absolutely no idea how much he weighs – I’ll be getting him weighed in the next couple of weeks – but he went into 9-12 months clothes a couple of weeks ago. Trousers are still a little big on him but tops fit him perfectly. He loves his food – I don’t think there is anything he doesn’t like these days. For breakfast he loves a bowl of rice crispies, he loves cheese sandwiches at lunchtime and whatever we have for dinner. Last week we accidentally bought chilli noodles instead of plain noodles – he demolished them. He also loves pickled onions, which I thought was a strange thing for a baby to like!

Benjamin's 9 Month |

He has four teeth, with a fifth starting to cut through. He hasn’t suffered too badly, a whinge or two here and there but nothing too traumatic – yet! He is finally starting to grow a few tufts of fuzzy blonde hair, but he is still a baldy baby, just like his brothers.

Benjamin's 9 Month |

We are also hearing more and more babbles. When he sees food, or is enjoying food, he ‘nom noms’, and he is saying ‘mama’ and ‘baba’ type noises. He knows to screech to get our attention as well.

He is starting to show a really interest in playing and getting things and banging them together to see what noises he can make, and pushes chunky cars along the floor. He absolutely adores Bobby, our cat – his face lights up when he sees him and he scoots along to go and torture play with him.

Benjamin's 9 Month |

So that’s Benjamin at nine months – longer out than in now!

29 thoughts on “Benjamin’s 9 Month Update”

  1. He is such a little cutie pie. I would say that 6-12 months was my favorite age when my boys were babies. They are so busy learning and exploring.

  2. 9 months will be 9 years real soon times goes fast. I like the fact you are making each day an adventure with your child these images will be cherish for years to come.

  3. A www how cute is Ben and so tall too, I am yet to have kids but am sure time really flies one minute you’re pushing them out next they are running around

  4. Finley’s only been crawling for the last 2m or so and he’s 16m old! They all develop at different stages don’t they. Benjamin is a beauty by the way!

  5. I like these updates. His cheeky little face-oh so cute! 9 months is a lovely age, sounds like your poor cat has a lot of fun with him, ha ha.

  6. Your little boy is so adorable! I just loved that picture where he had chocolate all over his mouth and chin! And pickled onions? Wow! You won’t have a hard time feeding him when he gets older.

  7. What a cute and healthy little boy! They grow up too fast it’s hard to keep up.

  8. I remember when my son was 9 months. It was such an amazing experience, enjoy all of your son’s bloopers they are precious. :}

  9. What a cutie! My eldest did the same – bum shuffling – when he was that age. He could lift himself up to cruise again furniture, but wouldn’t crawl until about 10 months or so.

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