Ben’s 11 month update


This is my penultimate monthly update – I always intended to do them until Benjamin turned one, and then do one every few months. I can’t believe that our teeny, tiny newborn is almost a wobbly toddler!

I definitely think he will be taking steps within the next couple of weeks.  I think he was going to take a step the other night but we disturbed him. He’s standing up fairly confidently for longer and longer and can walk around the furniture at speed. He’s crawling and bum shuffling less and less and using everything he can to walk – pushing boxes, chairs and his walker.

He now has six teeth – his bottom front ones came through first, followed by his fangs and his two top front teeth have just come through. He’s struggled with them a little bit, more than I remember Harrison and Alex suffering.

He had one of his six monthly checkups a couple of weeks ago (they are a follow up from his illness at Christmas), and when they weighed him, he was almost 22lbs – exactly on the 50th centile. They originally wanted to see him every six months until he was at least four, but they are that pleased with how he is doing, they are looking at discharging him after his next appointment in May, which is excellent news.


He’s pretty much off formula now, just having one bottle at night. I know the recommended guideline is to hold off for 12 months but he has a balanced diet and was starting to fuss with formula – he seems to prefer cows milk. It’s a strange feeling knowing that we will never be buying a tin of formula again, but so much easier!

He’s very verbal now – lots of ‘mama’, ‘dada’ and ‘baba’. He also says ‘ahhh’ when he wants a cuddle (and he gives the best cuddles!!) and gives nice big dribbly open mouth kisses! He has recently learned to clap and wave and starts waving and clapping like a madman when he sees Bobby, our cat.

Next time I post an update it will be on his first birthday. It’s a little sad knowing we will no longer have a little baby in the house – we have started to sell all the baby clothes and baby bits – but I am really looking forward to the next stage – toddlers are hard work but adorable!


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