Benjamin’s 10 Month Update


Normally, it seems like next to no time in between updates, but this month has seemed really long, so it has seemed like Ben has been nine months forever!

I still haven’t got him weighed so I have absolutely no idea how much he weighs. I will get around to taking him to the clinic at some point this month. He is definitely fitting into his 9-12 months clothes – in fact, some of the tops are a little snug.

Benjamin's 10 Month Update |

He is still crawling, bum shuffling and cruising around the furniture. A couple of weeks ago he did let go when he was standing against me and take a very wobbly step. He hasn’t done it since, so I think it was a bit of a fluke! He s definitely raring to get going though, and I think he will be much happier and less frustrated when he can start chasing after his brothers.

His ‘talking’ is coming along brilliantly. ‘Mama’ is his favourite word at the moment, but he also says ‘baba’ and ”gain’ (again). He has always loved singing Row the Boat – it can make him stop crying – and when you stop singing he starts rocking and shouts again at us. It’s so cute!

Benjamin's 10 Month Update |

He is no obsessed with trying to get the house phone/my mobile phone/TV remotes, which means we are constantly losing them. I’m always moving them out of reach and forgetting where I have put them, or he gets hold of them and hides them. We’ve discovered his secret stashing place – the meter cupboard.

There’s not a lot else to say about him this month. He is just looking more and more like his big brothers every day and developing a really mischievous and funny little personality.


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