Addicted to Coffee?

I drink far too much coffee. On a good day I drink three or four mugs of the stuff; on a bad day it can be seven or eight. I am one of those people who can’t function in the morning without at least one cup in my system. After two, I can remember my kids names!

I’ve drank coffee since I was at sixth form, but my addiction really started when I was at uni. I had a weekend job at Starbucks and I certainly made the most of the free coffee! It was there I began to appreciate coffee. Before then I’d only drank instant stuff, and hadn’t realised that different blends and roasts could taste so different. My drink of choice became a skinny vanilla latte, with an extra shot of espresso.

These days I prefer Costa. There is a Costa in our local shopping centre, which we walk through at least four times a day to catch the bus to and from school. Once a week or so, Alex, Benjamin and me stop off for a sneaky drink. Alex loves his babyccinos!

At home, we do tend to stick to instant coffee. Graham isn’t a massive coffee fan, and I would drink way too much if I made a pot just for myself. Once in a while, I will treat myself though! I would absolutely love one of those coffee pod machine or an espresso machine. I’ve been doing a bit of research into some of the best coffee grinders.

I have tried cutting down slowly. When I was pregnant I tried going cold turkey, but that made me feel so rubbish and I had horrible headaches. I’m trying to replace the odd one with a cup of tea instead, and instead of having a massive heaped teaspoon of coffee, I am down to just a normal teaspoon. It doesn’t worry me too much though. It doesn’t affect my sleep in the slightest, I don’t feel jittery or restless or any other symptoms of drinking too much. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol very often, so I’ll allow myself this one ‘addiction’.

Costa Coffee


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  1. I share your addiction, i don’t have a COSTA near us but I make my own every day and allow myself two. My kids love a creamy frothy coffee too. #sharewithme

  2. Alas I am not a coffee fan, I’ve tried and tried (even with copious amounts of chocolate!) and despite being trained as a costa barista too I just don’t like it! Now tea… that’s right up my street! Sadly though I’ve gone off it since being pregnant but expect to be firmly back on it within days of giving birth like last time!

  3. I grew up in Kenya and was a massive fan of drinking strong coffee but I got so addicted to it that I was eating spoonfuls of freshly ground coffee it as well as drinking it. Once my son saw me eating the coffee and asked to have it too!! that’s when I decided to give up coffee. I still love the smell of freshly made coffee but hardly ever drink it.

  4. I drink loads of coffee as well and last year decided to go cold turkey. I ended up with a massive sinus infection that lasted a few months. It was agony. So many meds and all I needed to do is start the coffee again!

  5. I love coffee too. When I first fell pregnant (10 years ago!!) I stopped drinking it and I too got terrible headaches. So I stuck to one a day, and the rest de-caf. I hate tea! In between pregnancies its always snuck back up again although I do drink de-caf in the afternoon and evening. Since giving up dairy though I’ve been drinking it black which just isn’t the same so I only have one a day now. The rest of the time I drink water! I guess it’s good for me but I do miss my lattes!! x x

  6. Oh me too, love, love LOVE that coffee stuff! Had to switch to decaff when preggers but then sleepless nights saw me running back to my friend caffeine!

  7. I’m addicted to a morning one to wake me up. When I am out and about I love a starbucks but I think thats more as a social thing. It feels relaxing to chill in the cafe with a treat ;). I’be had to stop myself after 6pm though as I noticed it affects my sleep #brilliantblogposts

  8. I used to be a coffee addict, but one day my body just couldnt cope with it and i had all manner of weirdness when i drank it! So had to give it up! I still miss it but can have the odd sneaky cup now! So if you can tolerate it then go for it!! #brilliantblogposts

  9. They are opening a Costa 10 minutes from my house – I am so excited……..let the coffee addiction commence

  10. Oh yes i am like you! The first thing i do when i wake up is to put the water on to boil. not going as far as you though but i used too.

  11. I’m similar. I drink coffee constantly at work (we have a Starbucks downstairs – very dangerous!) and I’m always taking some combination of our three kids to Costa at weekends for babyccinos, mini muffins and chat. I really should have bought shares!

  12. I must admit that I am a massive coffee addict! I have to have two cups just to start the day and bought my husband a proper coffee machine for christmas that secretly was for me! x

  13. I am the biggest coffee fanatic there is and three years ago I was trying to cut back and cut down and even went cold turkey like you . Oh the headaches and horribleness of it all. I then just did one regular and one decaf coffee and alternated and cut back too but moved more and more towards decaf and now I love my coffee just the same and have a lot still but I have decaf almost 99 percent of the time and can’t taste the difference at all. Your taste buds can be trained. I promise. Good luck on your coffee journey! lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  14. I LOVE coffee. It is pretty much my only vice! I love latte and cappuccino – depending on how strong it is. I love Costa too. And Starbucks. And Cafe Nero. And Coffee #1………..#BinkyLinky

  15. Alex looks very cute with his drink! I can’t imagine going cold turkey from caffeine – I needed it more than ever when I was pregnant! I stuck to the allowed amount but I seriously cannot function without it. So in my humble opinion, you’re not addicted… just sensible! #binkylinky

  16. I don’t drink tea or coffee but i’m addicted to hot chocolate – it gets me through the day. The second of my 4 children loves it as well, he will ask if we can go for a “sneeky starbucks”

  17. I’m more of a tea-pot myself and like to have a couple of cups before I get going. We’ve recently bought one of those Nespresso machines and they are fab – Im quite taken with the lungos and have even braved it myself when MOH is out. It’s nice, but I’d still prefer a cup of tea! #pocolo

  18. I love my Mochas with double choc and whipped cream. haha
    We have a local Costa where we meet after toddler meets and sling meets, it’s very nice. 😀
    They are quite child friendly as well, which is always good!


  19. Cute pics-we don’t have a Costa here but a cute little indie cafe and their coffee never tastes the same as mine! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  20. I used to be just like this! In fact I went through my pregnancy with Grace addicted to lattes – and it didn’t do her any harm! At the moment I am not touching caffeine and I do miss it on the odd occasion – but not as much as I thought I would! I do love a good Costa 🙂 Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  21. I’m completely and unashamedly addicted to coffee.
    Without it, is like an exercise in how not to lose my mind … with it i can function as a “normal” human being.
    Folk try to tell me how bad it is for me but asking me to stop drinking coffee is like asking me to go without oxygen. They are fighting a loosing battle lol



  22. I’m completely and unashamedly addicted to coffee.
    Without it, is like an exercise in how not to lose my mind … with it i can function as a “normal” human being.
    Folk try to tell me how bad it is for me but asking me to stop drinking coffee is like asking me to go without oxygen. They are fighting a loosing battle lol



  23. You are definitely allowed one vice and coffee really isn’t as bad as some. I am afraid I can’t understand the addiction. Coffee makes me feel really sick. And when I was pregnant with Little Miss H just the smell made me feel nauseous. I do love a cup of tea though. I have to have my cuppa first thing in the morning. #BrilliantBlogPosts Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  24. Nodded along with this post as I am a fellow addict! I am a teacher and I used to get such headaches in the holidays when my caffeine intake went down. My most treasured possession in my Nespresso maker. I have found drinking “good” coffee means I drink (slightly) less of it.
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars

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