A Walk In The Park {The Ordinary Moments}

Half term was a couple of weeks ago now, and whilst it flew by in a blur of packing for the new house, we made sure we had a few moments of calmness and ordinariness.

Living in inner city Birmingham means a decent walk in the fresh air isn’t particularly easy to achieve. We live just outside the city centre, and whilst there are plenty of parks around here, it is difficult to forget just where you are. However, on the Monday, we jumped in the car and drove over to Sutton Park, which is about 30 minutes away.

We chucked the scooters in the back of the car, and Benjamin’s little Scuttlebug, and because it was bitterly cold, made up a flask of coffee. On the way, we stopped off at Tesco to pick up some sandwiches and crisps for a picnic and set off.

It was quite busy in the car park, but because the park is immense, it still felt lovely and quiet. It’s a little sense of wilderness in the countries second city. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes catch sight of cattle and wild ponies!

When we got there, we wrapped up in our coats and scarves and popped Benjamin in the Cosatto Giggle. Harrison jumped on his scooter and Alex decided to have a little run. They loved having the freedom to scoot and run, without worrying about roads and traffic. They were so excited when they saw the park warden ride past on a horse.


After a lovely long walk in the fresh air, we found a bench to have our picnic. It was absolutely freezing, so we didn’t spend too long sitting around!!! After gathering up all the bits of leftover bread, we headed over to feed the ducks – one of our favourite things to do!!


To get to the ducks we had to walk over a little stream. Harrison remembered reading about pooh sticks in ‘The Stick Man’, and wanted to have a go. We found our sticks, and it was lovely to play such a simple little game with him.


By this point, Benjamin was beginning to get a little bit restless in his pushchair so we got him out and let him have his first outdoor scoot about on the Scuttlebug. He absolutely loved it, although couldn’t quite work out how to change direction. It did take us about twenty minutes to move about ten yards down the path, but his little face was worth it.


On the way back to the car, Harrison saw a tree and excitedly ran over to it, to look for The Stick Man!!



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