5 Reasons To Consider A Low Profiling Bed In A Care Home

Low profiling beds provide many advantages for both residents and carers. In comparison to a regular bed, this type of bed is designed at a lower height. This can have a significant effect on residents’ quality of life. Below you will find a range of reasons why you should consider introducing low profiling beds to your care home.

Improved Safety

Safety is one of the most important factors in care homes. Many designs of low profiling beds include side panels which reduce the risk of unexpected falls and harm. The height can be manoeuvred easily in order the match the exact needs of the resident. Also, this type of bed features a stronger and more stable structure than the standard design. Therefore, it is less likely to break under a heavier weight. Using a low profiling bed can improve not only the safety of the resident but also that of their carer.

Better Health

Low profiling beds are built to provide support. They reduce the pressure caused by friction during movements. By using adjustable brackets, residents can sit upright in their beds. Because of this, the development of skin infections and pressure ulcers can be prevented. Also, the adjustable leg rests allow residents to elevate their legs which can help with certain medical conditions. NHC Group provides a full range of low profiling beds available in various designs and shapes. This will ensure you make the right choice based on your needs. 

Increased Autonomy

Another significant factor is the independence which residents would have. Low profiling beds can simplify the process of getting in and out of bed without requiring assistance. This will provide residents with a sense of control over their daily routine enabling them to access food, drinks or medical items such as inhalers. This aspect may often be overlooked but it is a great way to provide a psychological boost and increase confidence. If you need more ideas on how to promote autonomy in your care, be sure to check out this guidance.

Enhanced Comfort

A notable benefit of using a low profiling bed would be the comfort it provides. The design of the bed makes it easier for residents to perform tasks such as reaching for a book or the remote control. Due to the decrease in pressure on the body, aches and pain will be reduced. As it is likely that a resident would spend a lot of time in there, low profiling beds are aimed at providing a space for relaxation. For further advice on how to increase comfort for residents, have a look at these suggestions.

Support To Staff

It is also important to point out the benefits which care home staff would have. A low profiling bed would make it easier for employees to help residents. As movement is supported through electronic controls, some of the pressure on staff will be lessened. Also, because of this, it would be easier to administer treatment or creams to residents. As a result, low profiling beds can ensure a complete sense of care by improving residents’ physical and mental health. 

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