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If you know what it’s like to have a big family, then you know what it’s like to feel like you live in a state of perpetual mess. That’s not to say your home is dirty; there’s rather a difference between mess and dirt and for the most part, mess and clutter are difficult to avoid. It may have been hard enough to keep the house organised and ready for guests before you had kids and now? Now it’s even worse! Children come with a lot of extra accessories, clothes and toys (my goodness, the toys!) and it’s for this reason that organisation should be high on your list of priorities, especially if you live in a smaller home.

Restoring order to your house is the first way you can restore your sanity, and it’s for that reason you need to get it together and get organised. It is never easy, but a few little life hacks can mean the difference between tearing your hair out and a calming zen over the home you live in. don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways around the clutter so you can get your house back in the order you like it to be. Check out our eight organisational hacks that could help you in ways you never imagined!

1.Self-Storage. One of the most important things you should start with when it comes to organising the clutter in the home is binning everything and anything you haven’t used for at least six months. Of course, if it’s sentimental and kept for storage there’s no need but if there are boxes of items left put away for a rainy day, consider it raining! Clear out everything you don’t use and don’t need and thin down the children’s creations, too. There’s only so many cereal boxes with shells glued on that you need, really.

2. Hall Storage. Hands up who has to pick up a trail of discarded coats and shoes on the hall floor after the school run? Yep, most parents out there! Investing in a coat rack at child level as well as shoe storage cabinets can be the first step in organising the children’s outerwear. Have them learn where their coats and shoes go and you’ll be able to give them a little independence at the same time as admiring your new storage options!

3. Built-In Storage. Beds that lift up to provide a storage space. Coffee tables that have hidden compartments for magazines and books. Built-in storage can be an absolute lifesaver in a house that doesn’t have enough space. Loft beds can be a great way to store toys and games without the need for extra cabinets and units through the home.

4. Unused Space. Have you seen these door hangers with all the pockets in them? They are excellent for teenage bedrooms and bathrooms to hold toiletries, stationery and all manner of small items that simply have no place to live in the home. You could even use them as storage in the kitchen for bleach and other items that need to be kept out of the reach of the little ones.

5. Art Storage. Getting transparent drawers like these are fantastic to keep arts and crafts in. There’s no need to have the pens and pencils laying all over the home if they don’t have to be. Clear labelling can really help your children to find what they need, as well, so there you have two good reasons!

6. Closet Storage. If your children are heavily into dressing up clothes, mark a part of their existing closet for these. Maybe hang a glittery curtain down the middle of the wardrobe to separate day clothes and make the dress up clothes easy to see. These should be hung up and not thrown into a toy box anyway!

7. Shelving. Floating shelves like these are an excellent idea for teddy storage! We all get sentimental over stuffed animals sometimes, but having them on the bed or lying around the room is impractical. Floating shelves up high in the room are a way to keep them off the floor but still have them on display.

8. Noticeboard. Paperwork is the bane of every parent’s life with school age children. Putting the paperwork straight onto individual noticeboards is another task children can do themselves without prompt at the end of the school day. This then makes it easier for you to see what you need to without tidying up a huge paper trail every day!

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