5 Ways to Make Scrabble Day Fun With Your Kids


In today’s time, most kids are often glued to their smartphones and iPads. However, as parents, you need to find ways to reduce their screen time and involve them in actual fun activities. 

The word game, Scrabble, has been around for a while. Several generations have played this game on various occasions. So, now is the time to plan an exciting Scrabble day with your kids too. 

In this guide, I have discussed the best ways to make Scrabble fun for you and your kids!

How to Make Scrabble Day Fun With Your Kids?

Unless your kid is into words and books, they may not enjoy playing Scrabble as much. However, there are a few unique ways to have a fun-filled Scrabble day with your kids. 

  1. Teamwork Is The Way to Go!

Playing Scrabble individually can get a bit boring sometimes. So, try to lighten things up by playing in teams. For instance, if you’re a family of four, you can make two pairs. 

Or, if you’re a family of three, allow two kids to team up together, and play against them. This way, they’ll feel like they’re participating in a challenge and won’t get bored or annoyed easily. 

  1.  Suggest New Words to Your Kids

Kids are inquisitive by nature. Hence, some of them love to learn new things. Therefore, I suggest teaching new words to your kids while playing Scrabble. You can have something such as a “hint” or “new word” option. If they cannot come up with a new word, they can claim these options. 

Whenever your kids pick either of the two options, try to teach them a new word, along with its meaning, and its use in a sentence. They’ll get to learn a new word, and will also feel accomplished by scoring! 

If you want to help them indirectly, you can give them access to one of the best tools that unscramble a set of letters. This way, they’ll learn how to do smart work too. 

  1. Have a Themed Scrabble 

If you and your kids are tired of playing the same old Scrabble, this idea is for you. Instead of playing traditional Scrabble, you can go for a themed Scrabble. Now, there are various ways to go about it. 

Decorate your Scrabble based on a theme. For instance, you can have a “Superheroes” theme or a “Harry Potter” theme. You can make doodles around the Scrabble board, or make a customized Scrabble board from scratch! 

Also, during the game, you’re only allowed to use words that are synonymous with the theme. Yes, this can get tough, but that’s the fun part.

  1. Announce Exciting Prizes for Winners

Everybody loves gifts and prizes, especially kids. So, whenever you’re playing Scrabble with them, why not declare prizes for the winners? This will bring about a crazy streak of energy amongst all the members. 

Note that it isn’t necessary to have expensive prizes or gifts. You can even keep something as minimal as a chocolate bar. After all, it is not about the reward but the glory that comes with getting it!

  1. Have a Scrabble Karaoke

Singing songs with your kids is an extremely fun activity. So, you can mix it with Scrabble, and make it more exciting. Now, you may wonder how to do it. 

Well, you need to assign one song to every alphabet. Then, whichever alphabet is used, the player has to sing the corresponding song. You can even announce special prizes for the best singer. 

Final Thoughts

With the ways mentioned above, you can turn a boring Scrabble day into an exciting one for your kids. Hence, follow these suggestions, and help your kids learn and play at the same time!

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