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Toys have no gender in our house. We have three boys but they will play with anything that catches their eye. They went to a friends house for a playdate – our friend has daughters – and they went straight for the dressing up box. One of them was parading around the house in an Elsa costume and high heels.

When we were offered the chance to review a Glam Goo set, all I saw was the fun the boys would have it. After all, who doesn’t want to play with slime? The fact that it is clearly more marketed for girls was completely irrelevant to us.

Glam Goo really was as much fun as it sounds. There’s some pre-made slime/goo, which you can customise with glitter, sparkles and even scent. Once it’s how you want it, you can pop it into the handbag or ring that comes with the set to show off your slime!

Glam Goo

Included in the kit is a container of Glam Goo (clear slime), a glitter purse and double ring, three slime decorations – Cloud Crunch, Daydreams and Unicorn Tears, two colours: Electric Blue and Pinky Promise, one scent – Violet Vibes (lilac), and one mixing spoon.

Glam Goo

The boys were super excited to use the set, and a rainy day in the half term proved to be the perfect day to get out the Glam Goo.

The Goo is really, really sticky to begin with and we did get in a bit of a mess. The kids weren’t overly keen on it in that state, so I manipulated it until it firmed up a bit (hence the lack of photos, my hands were covered!). It’s definitely worth making sure you do it on a wipe clean surface and protect your carpet with a mat! The boys had fun tipping all the sparkles and colours in to make one big slimy, gooey but very pretty mess! We found that the little mixing spoon included in the set was pretty useless and just got sucked into the goo so we ended up using an old plastic spoon of our own.

Once the goo was mixed, we filled the compartments in the purse and the ring. I’m sure there is a much more elegant and neater way of doing it, but the boys just piled it in! We used up the goo in one go, but because it is sealed in, we can take it back out and use it time and time again.

All three of the boys have had fun playing with the purse and wearing the ring – they really don’t care if it is supposed to be a bit girly. All they see is something they had fun making and want to show it off!

The Glam Goo set retails at £22.99 and is available from all good toy retailers.

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own. 


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