4 Common Childhood Accidents to Avoid

No-one or nothing is more important to a parent than their children. As a result, we will want to protect our little ones as much as possible. However, it can sometimes prove challenging, as kids are often oblivious to any surrounding dangers. For this reason, we are looking at four common childhood accidents to avoid.


Children will often experience many falls as they grow older, which they may experience when walking, running, going up or down the stairs or moving from a pram or bed. It is important to identify and remove any dangers that could cause a serious injury to your child.

For instance, you could add a safety gate to the top and bottom of the stairs, avoid putting anything under a windowsill that could be stepped on, or removing any trip hazards within the home.

Scalds or Burns

Children’s skin is more sensitive than adult’s skin. For instance, a hot drink that was made as little as 15 minutes ago could still scald a child. It’s therefore wise to keep hot drinks away from children and avoid placing them on the edge of a table or worktop. You also must never hold a child and a hot drink at the same time.

Another way to prevent scalding your child is to never place a child in a hot bath or shower. Always test the temperature using your elbow to ensure it is safe for a child to enter, and turn on the cold water first to instantly cool down hot water.

Children can also experience severe burns if they touch a cooker, open fire, hair straighteners, cigarettes or cigarette lighters, so ensure they are always out of reach of children, even if they are cooling down or have been switched off.

Foreign Objects in the Ear

Many children are often tempted to place foreign objects in their ears, as they are unaware of the health consequences. Kids can sometimes place everything from little bits of paper, jewellery or food into the ear for fun, which is why it is a common childhood accident. Learn more about the basic preventative measures you can take to prevent damage to a child’s ear canal.


It is advisable to seek medical attention immediately if you suspect your child has been poisoned. Most poisons can come from household products, cosmetics or medicines, which is why you must keep any chemicals or medication away from children, and take preventative steps to reduce their likelihood of poisoning.

Many homeowners often store household cleaners in a cupboard under a sink, but this will be within reaching distance of a child. Also, be careful to keep colourful laundry liquitabs out of sight, as children may believe they are sweets.

In addition to household products and cleaners, supervise your children outdoors to ensure they do not consume any leaves, flowers or berries that could be poisonous or may irritate their skin.

Do you have any helpful advice for avoiding childhood accidents? Leave your tips in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “4 Common Childhood Accidents to Avoid”

  1. You can never r be to careful with children, some people think I wrap my children in cotton wool because I won’t let them run wild, my son is nearly 13 and always asks to go places with his friends as they are allowed down the river etc but I prefer to keep my children safe xxx

  2. Wish everyone would take heed
    Sadly for some the message comes too late

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