3 Great Reasons to Send your Child to Nursery School

Although children are required to attend school between the ages of five and sixteen, they can start earlier. Nursery schools are an option for your child between the ages of three and five, and there are many advantages to sending your child to a nursery school. From the advantages in primary school to socialisation, here are three great reasons to send your child to nursery school.


Just as adults need some level of human interaction to thrive, so do children. By attending nursery school, your child will have the chance to interact with a variety of children their own age. This will help them grow as individuals and learn how to socialise with the people around them. Toddlers can experience playing in a group, as well as the compromises that come with that. Part of learning to socialise is learning how to share and take turns. These skills are easier to learn in a group setting like nursery school, partly because your child will form relationships with the other children. Because there are many children in nursery school, children also have to learn how to adapt to new environments and social situations.

Increased Confidence

Nursery school also provides your child with a chance to grow and develop as a human. There are games and activities at a nursery that they might not have access to at home. By playing new games, they can learn new skills. Increased confidence also comes from the fact that at nursery your child will eventually realise that they can survive without you; you will come back for them every time. Knowing that you will come back but that they are in safe hands in the meantime helps your toddler feel more comfortable and confident. King’s School and Nursery, an independent nursery in Devon, work tirelessly to make sure that each child is supported during the different stages of their development. They also use the same staff members in each room during the day. This is a strategy that helps your child build trust in the adults present at the school.

Advantages in Primary School

In 2004, a study was done on the impact of nursery school on the academic achievement of children who were seven. The children who had spent longer in nursery school had better scores in reading, writing, and math. This benefit crossed social divides as well. When the study examined poor children, they discovered that three years at a good nursery school gave them the same advantages as students whose families had a £10k increase in disposable income at home. The study also concluded that students with three years of solid nursery education, starting at age two, were almost a year ahead of their classmates when they reached primary school.

There are plenty more advantages to sending your child to nursery school. With scholarships and special programs available all over the United Kingdom, finances can be less of a deciding factor in your decision than you might think. A bit of research can help you decide if attending nursery is the right choice for your child.

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