26 Week Update

After last week’s horrible week of feeling like death warmed up, I can say I feel much better this week. I think the cough that was making me sick was possibly a chest infection (I won’t go into the yucky details!) which I’ve managed to fight off now. I’m sleeping much better and my appetite is coming back slowly.

I’d written about how I was really suffering with heartburn here,and that I was going to make an appointment to get something prescribed to ease it. Well….on one particularly bad night, Graham decided to inform me that we had a box of Rennies in the back of the medicine cupboard. I didn’t actually realise Rennies was an indigestion and heartburn aid (always thought it was for upset stomachs!) so hadn’t tried them. As soon as I popped a couple, the heartburn disappeared. It’s been working a treat and everytime I feel acid rising up, I chew one of those and feel fine. Why he didn’t tell me about them earlier I have no idea!!

Because of the cough and heartburn easing, I’ve been sleeping much better which has made me feel much better, and given me a little bit more energy so feeling okay again!

This week we dug all the first size baby clothes and moses basket out of the loft and began washing it all. It is so weird to have tiny little vests and sleepsuits hanging on the line. I got a little bit emotional sorting it out. Next to me on the bed was Harrison’s newly purchased school uniform, and to think that not that long ago all the baby clothes were too big for him turned me into a wreck. God help me when he starts nursery next week!

This weekend we are going to get the birthing ball down from the loft as well. We weren’t going to bother until a bit further on, but my back is starting to ache, and I have very mild symptoms of SPD appearing. I had exactly the same with Alex, and was much worse at night and in the morning, but I found the ball really seemed to help, so hoping it helps this time round. It’s good for getting baby into a good birth position as well.

Anyway, here is Benjamin bump at 26 weeks!


26 weeks



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