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We have been really quite lucky that once asleep, all three of our kids generally stay asleep and stay in bed until a decent time. Alex has the odd night terror, and climbs into our bed at some point, but none of them have ever been 5am risers. In fact, we sometimes have to drag them out of bed to get them ready for school – they love a lie in.

Since we moved house, we’ve been trying to instill a little bit of independence in Harrison. He knows he needs to make his bed in the morning and open his curtains. He chooses his own clothes on a weekend and puts his dirty washing in the pile. We’re also teaching him the time, and when he needs to wake up.

The BabyZoo Momo Sleeptrainer has been a big part in this.

BabyZoo Momo Sleep Trainer Review |

The sleeptrainer is a kids alarm clock. You set the time that you want the children to wake up at (or stay in bed until!). When it’s time for the children to be asleep, the eyes are closed. When it’s time for them to wake up, the monkey’s eyes pop open and a cacophony of jungle noises play. It’s just loud enough to wake Harrison, who is a ridiculously deep sleeper, but not so loud that it disturbs anyone else who is able to have a lie in!

BabyZoo Momo Sleep Trainer Review |

The clock has both an analogue face and a smaller digital clock, which is brilliant for someone just learning to tell the time. If you press the button on the top of the digital clock, a small nightlight comes on, which goes off by itself after half an hour.

Since the clocks have gone back, we’ve had just one or two mornings where Harrison has woken up a bit earlier than normal, but he knows that if Momo is still asleep, he needs to stay in his room and either go back to sleep or read a book quietly. We are still working on him getting up when his alarm goes off – he is a ‘hit the snooze and turn back over’ kind of boy already (god help us when he is a teenager!), but it’s rousing him, so it’s a good start!

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