25 Week Update

So, 25 weeks!!

Up until this week, other than feeling tired at times I’ve felt absolutely fine. The last ten days or so have been so different and I’m praying it’s just a blip and not a sign of how the next 15 weeks or so are going to be!

I am waking up at around 1am every morning without fail, and not dropping off again until around 5am. I’ve been going to bed at about 9pm to try and get a few hours in beforehand, but I am absolutely shattered! I’m up and down going to the loo and then when I lie down I immediately feel acid rising up, making sleep impossible! The acid and heartburn is making me sick quite a lot – I’ve been sick more this week than I have in the whole pregnancy so far, but I can’t get a doctor’s appointment for almost two weeks to get anything prescribed.  I also have a cough still lingering from a cold I had a few weeks ago, which seems ok in the daytime but at night starts up, again making sleep difficult and making me sick at times. Let’s just say thank god for all those pelvic floor exercises!! The lack of sleep is making me feel a bit rubbish and even more tired. I’m hoping that when I get some medication I will get some sleep and start feeling a bit more human! My appetite is all over the place as well.  I’m not hungry at all on an evening or morning and have to force myself to eat something, but at lunchtimes I am absolutely starving!

On a more positive note, I had my 24 week midwife appointment. It was with yet another midwife – I haven’t seen the same midwife more than once yet! We heard Benjamin’s heartbeat which was nice and strong, and roughly measured my bump. They won’t officially start measuring bump until my next appointment at 28 weeks, but she said so far he is growing as expected. I have a growth scan at 28 weeks because of Harrison’s low birth weight, so we will see how big he is then!

Here is Benjamin bump at 25 weeks!

25 weeks pregnant



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  1. oh I remember that acid feeling it ruined my sleep for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. Such a torture. Hopefully this week is just an off week and the coming weeks will be a breeze 😉 hugs to u n bump!

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