24 Week Update

24 weeks is an incredibly big and important milestone in a pregnancy, and one that I am so very relieved to have got to. At 24 weeks, Benjamin is now considered ‘viable’. This means that should he be born at this point, he would have a good chance of surviving. Obviously, we don’t want him here for at least another 13 weeks, but it is reassuring to know that he would stand a good chance from this point onwards!

We’ve had a pretty rubbish week, which you can read about here, but other than a couple of major flip outs, I’ve tried to stay as calm as possible for the sake of my blood pressure. I’ve also been sick a few times this week – no doubt some of it down to the stress, but also because the dreaded heartburn has kicked in big time. It isn’t too bad during the day – usually a glass of cold milk eases it – but night times are awful. I’ve had to learn to sleep in an upright position, propped up by my fantastic Theraline pillow . Needless to say, I haven’t had a great deal of sleep because of everything going on and the heartburn. Hopefully, things will be sorted soon and we can get back to normal.

Benjamin has stared to develop a pattern to his movements, which makes it easier to keep track of. He is very active first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so at least I have some company when I’m lying awake! He really seems to hate me bending over at all, as I get a really sharp kick or dig every single time.

The craving for Vimto seems to well and truly passed, although I do now enjoy a can of pop, where I didn’t drink pop at all before I was pregnant. I am now finding myself with exactly the same craving I had with both Harrison and Alex – milk, milkshake and Angel Delight.With Alex, I was literally drinking three litres of skimmed milk a day. This time I am having to try to limit myself as I only seem to want full fat milk. If I drink that much I will end up the size of a house! Both of the boys love milk, and we can easily get through one of the big six pint cartons a day as it is, so I’m considering in investing in a cow for the back garden – be a hell of a lot cheaper!!

Here is Benjamin bump at 24 weeks (and a photo bomb from Harrison!)

24 weeks





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