12 Week Update

As much as I want this pregnancy to go slowly (remind me of that fact when I’m nearly full term and moaning!), I am so relieved to be past that scary twelve-week mark!

On Thursday, I had my proper dating scan. I had an early scan at 8+6 weeks as I had no idea how far gone I was, but because it was so early I needed a second scan to confirm my due date. It turns out the first date they gave me was right – baby is due on 11th December!

Graham couldn’t get the time off work to come to this scan, so my mum came along, and we took both boys in. I was a bit worried that they would get fidgety and cause chaos but they were as good as gold, and really fascinated by seeing their baby sister or brother on the screen.

I was really disappointed because we could barely see anything on the scan. Until the bloke doing the scan listened to the heartbeat, I didn’t even realise he’d even located baby. It was just a blur on the screen, as you can see from the rubbish photo!

12 Week Scan | www.parenthoodhighsandlows.com

Baby is looking fine and healthy so far, and we will have an anomaly scan in about eight weeks where hopefully we will find out if squiggles is a girl or a boy! I will have extra scans at 28 weeks and 35 weeks because of Harrison being so little when he was born.

I’ve been really lucky in this pregnancy in that I haven’t been sick at all. With both of the boys I was sick several times a day for the entire time I was pregnant, and apart from one occasion, I haven’t had heartburn *touches wood*. By this point with Harrison and Alex I was drinking Gaviscon like it was pop, so hopefully, I’ll avoid that as well! Cravings are still mainly fruit – pineapple and ice cold grapes!

Bump has definitely popped out now. None of my jeans do up anymore, and I’m living in leggings and maxi dresses. I’ve started to think about my maternity wardrobe wishlist now.

We haven’t bought anything for baby, but we’ve decided that we are getting a gorgeous Cosatto pushchair, and even though we still have our Babasling, we are going to try one of these mei-tai slings for baby. We don’t need a lot for baby, especially if it is a boy as we kept almost everything from Harrison and Alex. Obviously if it is a girl we will have fun buying new clothes and some girly bits, but we have the big things – cot (but will need new mattress!), Moses basket, play gyms, bouncers etc.

Next update will be in about a month when we have the 16 week midwife appointment!

17 thoughts on “12 Week Update”

  1. Aww congratulations 🙂

    It’s a real shame you didn’t get much in the way of a photo, that’s the blurriest one I’ve ever seen! But only a few weeks until you’ll get something much clearer, I’m sure!

    I seem to be seeing baby related posts, people, babies, bumps and everything else all the time at the moment – Guess that’s the way when you’re desperate to try for a baby yourself haha. I shall indulge in reading your lovely posts and seeing how well you’re doing, instead, for now! xx

  2. Oooh, I wonder if it’s a girl! If you had sickness and heartburn with the boys… good luck with your pregnancy! x

  3. congratulations , ohh gosh 12 weeks only, its a long way from the birth, but am sure it will fly over x

  4. It is such a relief when you see that little bean on the screen. 2 of mine where winter babies, its so mice to snuggle them up.

  5. Congratulations. Enjoy your pregnancy and treat yourself to great looking maternity outfits.

  6. Exciting! We don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl – if we did I’m sure I’d have gone mad already in the baby clothes aisles! We need to get a cot and mattress but the rest we have. Quite nice to get some new bits though, as it makes the preparation that bit more real. I’m so pleased your scan went well. And yes, such a relief to be past the 12 week mark. Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub! x

  7. Ah, your next scan will have a lovely clear picture and it will be so exciting! He/ she is just teasing you! I also have to have growth scans, at 28, 32 and 36 weeks as they think my others were all too small. I just hope we’re not stuck at the hosptial for as long as we were last time! Next scan looming up fast for us and like you I want it all to go slowly this time!
    I’m glad you’re feeling well- long may it continue!
    x x

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