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Some of us have a love affair with our showers that our other halves will simply never understand. There’s nothing better than jumping in a hot shower, letting the warm water soak our tired muscles and letting your mind run away with you for ten minutes… and then, unfortunately, we have to get out. But bear with us, what if you just… didn’t? Here are some ways you can upgrade your shower so that you may never have to get out of it ever again.

Get a shower curtain with more storage

Your shower curtain may look pretty one dimensional in its uses, but there are one’s on the market that come with built in pockets for storage. Incredibly useful in situations where there’s just not enough space on the floor!

Increase the water pressure
Some showers feel a bit too weak for our liking, frankly, if the water isn’t slapping us about a bit then we’re not getting the best experience we can. Investing in a new hot water pump can add some much-needed power to a limp and lifeless shower.

Get some nice smellies
Scented candles can help create a totally relaxing bathroom atmosphere, as well smelling a bit nice too. Just make sure the candle is lit outside the shower, you’ll probably struggle to light it with all that water…

Inject some music
Although your high-pitched singing might be enough entertainment for you, you might want to leave it down to the professionals. Getting a waterproof Bluetooth speaker can turn your shower into a recording studio without the risk of frying your circuits.

Fit suction cup drinks holders
Some of us like to drink in the shower… we’re not here to judge, you’ve had a long day, haven’t you? You can easily store those much-needed glasses of wine on a suction cup fitted to the wall rather than on the floor filling up with water. Nobody likes their drinks watered down.

Add a bracket for your feet
Shave your legs in the shower? You’re probably sick of twisting yourself into hundreds of awkward positions to get all those hard to reach spots. Well, if you install a simple ledge into your shower wall you can get rid of this unnecessary nuisance.

Or, a mirror for your face
You may not be the type to shave your legs, in which case, a mirror can help you spot any missed areas when shearing your face. You can also get a steam-proof mirror, to alleviate the annoyance of constantly wiping it clear.

Tell the time
Some of us like to unwind in the shower and forget that time even exists, others who constantly live on the clock aren’t so lucky. Fitting a waterproof clock onto your showers wall will hopefully rid you of any telling’s off from your boss about lateness.

Jot down some ideas
It’s a stone-cold fact that we have our best ideas in the shower, though many of us forget what they were by the time we’ve stepped out and dried ourselves. Never forget another gem by supplying your shower with a waterproof notepad.

Stop pulling your hair out
Fit your drains with a disposable hair trap and ease the disgusting job of having to pick your hairs out of the shower drain. After all, who wants a place of such relaxation to remind you of awful cleaning jobs?

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