10 Tips for Finding Hidden Money at Home

There’s nothing better than money that seems to come out of nowhere: A surprise cheque, a bonus payment, a tax rebate, winning the lottery, a cheeky little payout after having a go at sports betting wyoming – or finding money that’s hidden right inside your house and you didn’t know it. Odds are that you have some cash stashed away that you might have forgotten about and it’s sitting right there. Here are ten practical tips for finding hidden money at home.

#1: Learn to Stash
Learn to stash money yourself – and then forget about it. Choose a book on your bookshelf and hide some money in an envelope between pages six and seven: But always make sure that you pick a book you’ll eventually remember when you do! Money can also be stashed away in piggy banks, whether it’s an actual piggy bank or a jar you keep in the back of your cupboard.

#2: Check Wallets and Purses
Double-check your old wallets and purses for forgotten money. Sometimes cash is hiding in the lining of old handbags, and coins can hide away in the folds and card-compartments of wallets.

#3: Hiding in the Car
It’s always a good time to give your car a decent spring clean – and you might find some money while you’re doing it. People get in and out of their cars all the time: You pay at the toll-gates, use and pay and display machine,  you check your wallet in the car before you walk into the store, you lose some spare change in-between the seats. You might be surprised at what you find!

#4: Clear Out Your Sofas
People drop all sorts of things behind and in-between sofas. So, the same that’s true for cleaning your car will also happen to apply to your sofas. Make sure you check behind the pillows, too: That’s usually where any hidden and lost spare change is hiding. Maybe you even find that TV remote that you mysteriously lost five years ago…

#5: Hiding in Clothes
Clothes are usually a wealth of hidden money: Check everything before you throw it in the machine. Lost money is usually hiding in the pockets of shirts and trousers, so make it second nature to double-check!

#6: The Piggy Bank
Hey, do you remember that piggy bank you used to keep? Any idea what happened to it? If your answer here is no, then it might be about time to start looking for it. Lost and forgotten piggy banks are a great source for discovering money.

#7: Under Things
Did you remember to look under the sofa too? Coins roll, and they might have found their way to the sofa, fridge or other pieces of furniture that hasn’t been moved in a while.

#8: Looking in the Last Place
Everyone loses stuff. And when they do, they usually look everywhere they can think of – and then in the last place they’d think to look. What’s the usual “last place” in your house? Whether it’s a room of stuff or a drawer full of odds-and-ends and screws and bolts, it’s worth checking your “last place” for lost money stashes, too.

#9: Cleaning Out the Vacuum Cleaner
The vacuum cleaner is another great place to find hidden money sucked up into the dusty abyss. Give it a good clean and you never know what you might find: You might even come across a long-lost diamond ring that you thought was missing forever!

#10: Selling Items
Hidden money is everywhere. Each item in your house is worth money – and everything has a resale value. The computer that’s gathering dust in the attic, your old jewellery, those books you’ve read through five years ago – or that diamond ring you’ve been meaning to sell.

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