Weigh In: Week Four

Yesterday saw my fourth weigh in. I weighed myself mid week, and it showed a loss of 3lb, so was looking forward to a nice big loss this week, so was a little disappointed to see just 1.5lb gone. I’m not going to be doing a mid-week weigh in next week. Still, its a loss, and that’s better than nothing! However, (and this may be way too much information!) I do struggle to go to the loo regularly, and I’m not entirely sure this is helping. Last week, I had been to the loo before I weighed in, this week I didn’t, and I know that can make a difference.

I’m going to keep a food diary for the next couple of weeks and try a few different things, to see if I can find a way of increasing my weight loss. I do eat quite a lot of carbs, so I am wondering whether that is slowing me down, even though I am sticking to calorie limits.

I’m replacing some of my meals with veggie options, which I have discovered I really like – everyone had sausage and mash for tea the other night, and I had veggie sausages with baked potatoes. They were half the calories and absolutely delicious! I’ve also discovered a new love for cherry tomatoes. I’ve never liked tomatoes before, but I’ve found myself really liking them now, and are only about 3 calories each, so are perfect for snacking on!!

Lost: 10.5lb

To go: 67.5lb

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  1. That can definitely make a difference as can water retention – make sure you’re drinking enough water as that will help with your other issue too. Psyllium husks from Holland and Barrett are useful too.

    Well done on your loss you’re getting so close to a stone now 🙂 x

  2. Well done for the weight loss so far; I know how difficult it can be with a family around, who all want a ‘proper’ meal!

    I have recently started a new weight loss regime, too. In the past I have weighed anything from 73kg (19/20 years old) to 43kg (22 years old) and I am now somewhere in the middle at 57kg, though not too happy with this at the moment. I only want to lose 4-6kg, as I am happiest around 52kg.

    I have stopped counting calories – that got very obsessive in the past and took the fun out of food. I am not too keen on meat alternatives, which are so obviously designed to replace meat (in which case, I always told myself, why bother?), but I have developed quite a nice range of non-meat recipes, which I make at lunchtimes and when my fiance is not in.
    In addition, I have decided to be more active in general. My daughter eats huge portions of food and stays slim, so I figured that I, too, can change a lot by just moving around more. It’s also a great distraction from eating. Again, I don’t purposefully exercise, unless I really feel like it. Whilst I have the equipment for a home-gym (weights, stationary bike, pilates bands), I am conscious that this is only a short-term things with me, so I try to do more everyday stuff, like housework and – in the summer – more gardening, as well as make more journeys on my bike and by foot.
    I have a pedometer and am aiming for 10,000 steps every day. Weekdays, due to the nature of my job, that is no problem at all, and weekends I substitute with housework, extra exercise and just more movement.

    The rest is just a mixture of a French and a Japanese principle I have learned: ‘pay more attention’ (i.e. enjoy, but be conscious of what enters your body), and ‘eat until you’re only 80% full’ (you’ll be satisfied, but you won’t feel sluggish).

    This is the first week, and I weigh myself every day. I have lost about 700g. The aim is 56kg by the end of term and 54kg by the end of the holidays. Then 52-53kg by October, when we are getting married. The rest can go by Christmas.
    I don’t need a fast loss; this time I just want some real change.

  3. Seems to me that you’re doing great, a nice steady loss is brilliant – mine’s going up 🙁

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