My Travel Bucket List

I’ve always been a bit of a home bird, generally sticking to the UK for family holidays. I guess because with three kids under six, the thought of travelling abroad has always terrified me a bit – they’re bad enough on a two-car journey to Birmingham. Can you imagine them on a long haul flight? Even before I had kids I hadn’t travelled very far. I’ve been to the usual holiday destinations in Europe – Spain, Majorca, Tenerife, but that’s about it. When the children are older and less likely to cause chaos in an airport,  I would love to take them to different countries and experience all sorts of amazing places. I look at some fellow bloggers and their beautiful Instagram photos and go off into a little daydream.

My Travel Bucket List

  • Amsterdam – I know quite a few people who have been to Amsterdam and it looks absolutely beautiful. My sister in law, Charlotte from Whisky and Milkshakes, has guest posted on my blog before about her travel experiences and Amsterdam is one of the (many!) places she has visited. It looks and sounds amazing, and I desperately want to go and visit Anne Frank’s house.


  • Rome – It just looks absolutely beautiful and has so much history. I want to go and see the Vatican and the Colosseum and all of the other beautiful buildings from the past. I think in my head I have images of sitting in a lovely little street café, drinking espresso and wine and eating plenty of pasta whilst in Rome!


  • Paris – a bit of a cheat one as I’ve been there twice before. It was breathtakingly beautiful there, and so much to see and do. I’ve still not seen even half of the things I want to – and I will one day build up the courage to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, not just stand at the foot of it. I’d love to stay in an apartment in Paris, with views overlooking the River Seine.


  • Iceland – Iceland is actually probably top of my list of places I want to visit at the moment. The main attraction is the chance to see the Northern Lights, which is definitely on my ‘bucket list’, but I would also love to see the Blue Lagoon and geysers.


  • New York – Cliché, but yes, I would love to go there at Christmas time. It always looks so magical and buzzing. I have an American blogger friend, Trudy from Rendezvous En New York, who writes about life in New York and it just sounds amazing!


  • Santorini – Imagine the Instagram photos? It’s like it was made for it – all those white washed buildings nestled into the cliffs, flowers all over the pretty little town and spectacular views over the ocean. It looks like the perfect place for a luxury holiday – preferably child free!


What’s on your travel bucket list? Mooch through the properties and destinations on Clickstay and let me know where you would choose!

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  1. I’d love to visit Italy and Paris too, they have beautiful scenery xXx

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