Tips And Tricks On How To Properly Use A Blow Dryer Brush

Hairstyling can be such a hard feat. Imagine spending a lot of time to blow-dry your hair, juggle a round brush on the other hand, and then you need to grab another heat tool. This adds time to the styling process and puts your hair strands to further heat damage. If you have ever wondered how to dry and style your hair simultaneously, the newest hot tool craze may be the answer — the blow dryer brush

A round brush blow-dryer is a key to producing a flawless blowout in one step at home. There is no need to go through multiple rounds of heat styling or to give your arms a workout while balancing the blow dryer and a hairbrush simultaneously. 

Self-blow-drying your hair provides a number of benefits. It enables you to style your hair without visiting a salon. If you want to blow-dry your hair every day, get the best professional hairdryer available in the market. This will also keep your hair manageable over the day. Nevertheless, pick one which will be less likely to cause severe damage to your own hair.

Below are the things and features you need to know about a blow dryer brush.

What Is The Purpose Of A Blow Dryer Brush?

If you are having difficulty imagining what a blowout brush is, now is the best time to read through this article. Just imagine a large round brush similar to the one your hairdresser uses to blow dry your hair. The main difference would be that this kind of brush is powered by electricity, and when turned on, it emits hot air. This means that while you brush your damp hair, the brush also dries the strands. It is indeed a clever way to dry and style your hair.

The Proper Way Of Using A Blow Dryer Brush

If you have never mastered blowouts at home, this is your opportunity. Anyone can become a hair-drying expert with a round blow dryer brush. Just follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Partially air-dry your hair.

While you may use a blow dryer to brush your wet hair, the best results come from allowing your hair to dry naturally. However, do not allow it to be completely dry. It is preferable to work with damp hair rather than dripping wet hair.

Step 2. Apply an ample amount of heat protectant to your hair.

As with any time you use hot tools to style your hair, you would want to cover your hair strands with a heat protectant. Spritz one into your entire hair and then brush it to spread the product and remove any tangles.

Step 3. Section the hair.

The next thing to do is sectioning your hair with claw clips. The number of portions will vary according to the amount of hair you have. Split your hair from ear to ear, producing a top and bottom segment for hair of normal thickness. Remove the top part using a clip. Divide the bottom portion roughly in half and bring each side in front of your shoulders. You will have to work separately on each side.

STEP 4. Time to blow dry your hair!

Now is the moment to reach for your blowout brush! Turn it on and then take a one- to two-inches thick chunk of hair. Place the brush at the ends of your hair and roll it up the length of your hair whilst wrapping your hair around the brush.

Allow 10 to 20 seconds before winding the brush downward gently, unraveling the hair in the process. After releasing your hair, you will have frizz-free strands, smooth, silky, and with a slight curl at the tips. It is how simple and easy to style your hair using the blow dryer brush.

STEP 5. Repeat the process until all sections of the hair are done. 

Do the wrapping and unwrapping technique again for the remaining hair of the bottom half. Once finished, cut the top part in half and repeat the blowout procedure on each side.

Step 6. Touch up.

After successfully doing a DIY blowout on yourself, it is time to add some finishing touches. Use the blow dryer brush to touch up any parts that need some extra bounce. Once you are fully satisfied with the outcome, put an ample amount of hair serum and apply it evenly throughout your hair for a smooth and shiny finish.

Step 7. Add some volume to your hair. 

To take the blown-out locks to greater levels (literally), you can make use of a volume spray and spritz it directly on the roots of your hair to give it that added volume and bounce that you want.  

Step 8. Style your hair as you wish. 

Setting up your hair and putting on some hair spray is the last thing to do when styling your hair. Spray a high-shine hair spray product over your strands to set your style and put it in place for a great hair day.

Tips When Using A Blow Dryer Brush

It is advisable to use a blow dryer brush to dry your hair as fast as you want or to create the hairdo of your choice. A blow dryer brush is often needed during the rainy and chilly seasons. However, some individuals make it a routine to blow their hair regularly. This is really damaging to the hair. While doing so has a number of benefits, it also has a number of drawbacks. If you are also a user, you are aware of the dangers if you do not know how to use the blow dryer brush properly. 

Control the temperature 

Most of us misuse the blow dryer, resulting in hair issues. According to hair specialists, if the blow-dry temperature surpasses 131 degrees Fahrenheit, the hair begins to suffer damage. This degrades the natural texture and may result in split ends.

Provide sufficient nutrients for your hair

If you must blow-dry your hair regularly for whatever reason, then provide your hair with enough nutrients – regular oiling and putting on a hair pack to the hair are just some examples you can use. 

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