Supporting A Friend During Pregnancy

Do you have a friend who’s just announced their pregnancy? Maybe they’ve only told you so far? Well, now could be the perfect time to prove just how good of a friend you are. After all, if you’ve been in this boat before, you know just how hard being pregnant is. You know the trials and tribulations, how exhausted you can get, and just how idiotic other people can be too. 

And that means it’s time to be there for your friend, during their first time being pregnant, and offer as much support and advice as possible. But if you want to know the best place to start, because you’ve just got so much to tell them, we’ve listed some pointers for you below. 

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Let Them Know What To Expect

If you’ve had a baby or two yourself, you know exactly what’s about to happen! And because of this, it’s a good idea to sit down with your friend and be honest about a few things. Of course, you don’t have to go into all the gory details, but make sure nothing will come as a shock to them during the next 9 months. 

Let them know how scary it’s going to be, but bring up just how exciting all the first times are as well, such as when you first feel your baby move, or when you first see them on a scan. Be honest, be compassionate, and your friend will love you forever for it! 

Check Out Their Registry

One of the best ways to show your support for your friend right now is to contribute a little financially. So, if your friend has a baby shower registry ready to look at, be sure to buy them something off the list. It’s quick and easy and will go a long way to ensuring you’re taking an active part in this life changing time. 

Or if they don’t have one yet, help them put one together! Make sure the right kind of New Mum Gifts are listed, and make sure they know how to have a bit of fun with their list as well. This can be a scary time for them, even if they’re excited, and doing what you can to pad out their home/life with the right equipment will be appreciated. 

Make Sure They Have Fun!

Finally, feel free to go the extra mile here and ensure your friend has a lot of fun during their pregnancy. This should be a time they enjoy anyway, so take them out for lunch dates or mini road trips in the early semester, and then make sure you’ve got movies and snacks on hand for when the bump starts getting in the way. Simply being with your friend right now will go a long way to showing your love and support, and it’s always nice having time to hang out. 

If your friend is pregnant right now, it’s time to really earn that BFF badge! 

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