Choosing Between Vinyl Tiles And Planks

Choosing between vinyl tiles and planks 

Making the choice to install vinyl flooring in your home is a big step, but one that opens the door to a multitude of design choices which just aren’t possible with natural flooring materials. 

What you will discover in this article is a way to see the wood for the tree’s when it comes to choosing tile or plank vinyl flooring. Some will stand out as extremely compatible with your needs and others will seem otherwise inferior when compared. 

Wood effect flooring

A popular type of vinyl flooring for those who love spending quality time with their family in the living room. 

Shades of wood which are lighter in tone are often the preferred choice as they reflect light from windows which makes for a seemingly larger space. However, if you opt for darker toned wood planks then you’ll enjoy the ambience that comes with it when you have lamps on or fires lit.

Styled with stone

Using stone styled flooring in the kitchen might seem like an obvious option, but one that is a great decision when the material is vinyl.

Whether it’s the kids going wild, you’re preparing a meal for whole family, or the dog has been on a muddy walk, your stone vinyl flooring is going to be left unharmed from the substances that may land on it. Vinyl flooring is also made to help keep the cold of your home’s foundation well away from bare feet, so you’ll always enjoy going down for that first cup of tea in the morning.

Urban relaxation

Bathrooms love vinyl flooring. If you want yours to be made perfect with porcelain, or you want to curate a spa like setting with wood vinyl planks, both are completely possible.

Wood planks are the perfect foundation for a setting which requires fluffy towels, foliage, and stylish baths and taps to be complete. Stone effects are perfect in homes of an older age and still hold original stained glass windows which reflect a lot of light, or if you want to go ultra-modern and introduce monochrome elements against the metal features, the choice is yours.

The perks

With vinyl flooring it’s about so much more than looks. You’re making your home more durable with every room that is host to vinyl flooring. 

From scratch resistance, insulation, and moisture resistance. Whether its wood or tile your heart desires, you can find one that meets all your requirements. If damage does occur to one tile or plank you can replace it in no time, because it is just the one tile or plank you have to replace and not the whole flooring.

Outstanding suppliers 

By now you should have a good idea on whether you prefer tile or plank and the results that each will get you. Now the only thing left to do is find a supplier who is going to meet all your interior desires.

Amtico Spacia does not disappoint as the nations favourite. With a plentiful selection of wooden flooring styles in a multitude of shade variations, you can invite any type of atmosphere into your home.

Luvanto offers similar but with the added benefit of using your tiles or planks to create patterns and make large spaces more interesting. Tiles can be installed in geometric and asymmetric alignment, which takes the coldness out of the plain stone and metal look, making rooms more vibrant and fun.

Invictus does not skimp on luxury or versatility. Optimus, Maximus, and Maximus Click ranges are perfect for any room in the home and work to achieve, vintage, modern, or rural styles.

Your home doesn’t have to be the same throughout but choosing between tile and wood flooring can help establish a more seamless consistency throughout. 

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