Should You Allow Your Kids To Wear What They Want?

Giving your child the freedom to rummage through their wardrobe and choose their own outfits may seem like a frightening prospect, but if they have made it clear that they would like to take charge of their look, this is ultimately a tell-tale sign they are growing up and gaining the confidence to make their own choices.

There have been many discussions regarding whether kids should have the option to dress however they wish, but there are many benefits as to why it is a good idea to allow them to take the reins and be independent when it comes to their sense of style.

Encourages responsibility

Allowing your child to browse through their wardrobe and choose clothing they are happy to wear gives them the element of responsibility in making decisions. Of course, on occasion, you will be faced with having to talk them out of wearing outfits that aren’t suitable for the season or event, but this will go on to enhance their learning and inspire them to make better decisions next time around. There may come a time when they dig in their heels and refused to change their outfit, so all you can do is warn them of the consequences of their decision. Ultimately, having responsibility boils down to how their choices will impact them, so while you may wish to get involved, taking a backseat will have a more positive effect on their independence.

The ability to express themselves

From an early age, it is a good idea to give your child the freedom to express themselves however they wish. Most parents dress their child to their preferred taste, but as they get older, the child may feel a sense of resentment for being forced to dress in a style they were never comfortable with.

As a parent, you should try and get a feel for their unique sense of style and how their personality could link into their outfit choices. Kidpik is an excellent platform for choosing clothing styles that are personalized to your child’s preferences. All that is required is for the parent to fill out a style quiz based on their little girl’s favourite colours and patterns, before giving them the chance to select their favourite outfit combinations. A monthly clothing box is then posted out each month based on the quiz outcome.

Allows them to fit in

For more introverted children, expressing themselves through fashion may not be first nature, so the urge to fit in with their classmates could be one of the main reasons behind wanting to choose their own outfits. School years can be difficult for any child at any age and making friends is often a challenge for those who shy away from social engagement. Giving them the chance to wear what they feel comfortable in is likely to boost their self-esteem and feel part of a wider group. We are often influenced by the clothing others wear. Therefore, your child is likely to have the desire of wearing the clothing styles their peers are sporting.

Teaches them that their wishes should be respected

Children are often made to feel that their opinions are invalid, which in some cases isn’t the most ideal tactic for building confidence or self-expression. While the clothing they pick out may seem a little outrageous, letting them take charge of this aspect of their lives means they can experiment with who they want to be. At times, you may need to step in, so they don’t walk around with awfully mix-matched clothing. However, everyone has the right to be respected as an individual and experiment with different styles.

A time-saver

We all know that getting the kids ready in the morning can cause all sorts of problems, so allowing your child to choose their daily outfit and dress themselves means you have more time to focus on other tasks. You could have those few extra minutes to sit down and have a decent breakfast, make the kids’ lunches or perhaps enjoy that well-needed extra 30 minutes in bed.

All parents are familiar with the dreaded tantrum in the mornings when your child doesn’t want to wear a particular outfit. This can often take more time than it is worth, so giving them the control to choose their own clothes without parental input is a great time-saving method when there are more important errands to run.

Teaches them about budgeting

Rather than splashing out on clothes left, right and centre, why not get your little one involved in the process by teaching them how to budget, which has an impact on the clothing items they can choose?

Start by providing them with a monthly clothing budget and allow them to browse the items they would like. The deal here though is that they can then only add it to their basket providing they can afford it. This technique should teach your child about money management and that if they really want something, the only way to get it is saving up their monthly budget.

You know they will wear the clothes

No-one likes wasting money, so there is nothing worse than purchasing clothing for your child, before being faced with a full-blown tantrum if they just aren’t feeling it. By allowing your child to browse online or in the shopping centre with you, you know for sure that they will like wearing the pieces and you won’t be wasting your hard-earned cash.

Inspires bonding

There are perhaps times when you are desperate to go to the shopping centre to get your child some essential wardrobe pieces, but when you have got to take a child with you, the whole prospect may seem discouraging. One way to make your child excited by the trip is to give them the role of picking clothing they would like to wear. Doing so may be the difference between facing a meltdown in the shopping aisle or keeping them occupied and in a happy frame of mind. You are the also able to relax knowing your child is content, which allows for a greater bonding experience between the two of you.

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