Rainbows over the Sea | My Sunday Photo

This photo was actually taken a couple of weeks ago, but I never got around to sharing it. Rainbows have always been a ‘thing’ of ours since we decided we wanted to move to Wales. On our very first house hunting trip here, we saw two rainbows, one of which was a double rainbow. I remember frantically googling ‘are double rainbows lucky?’ and begging my blogging besties over Whatsapp to reassure me that seeing rainbows was a sign! Since then, we have seen absolutely loads – obviously because of living by rather a large body of water – but we’ve also ben blessed with lots of good luck since being here.

The day I took this photo was truly a day of rainbows. It was the perfect day for it – a mix of sunshine and showers – and in the forty or so miles we drove that day, we saw at least twelve of them. It was pretty spectacular! A couple of days later, Graham was picked for a massive promotion at the job he started just before Christmas. It seems like rainbows really are our lucky charm!

Rainbows over the sea


One thought on “Rainbows over the Sea | My Sunday Photo

  1. Wow You are so lucky to see so many -dont think I’ve seen any this year

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