Project 365: Week 14

Happy Easter! I cannot believe we are in April already. Surely it was only just Christmas? Here is our week in photos.

March 29th

day 87

Harrison and Alex have never really been attached to anything. Harrison does like a ‘tag’ for naps and bedtime (just the label on an item of clothing), but no teddies or blankets. Benjamin loves this fluffy rabbit thing that I had in a goodie bag!

March 30th

day 88

Today, my friend and newbie blogger Julie from Menopause4Thought came over for a catch up (it’s been five years since we last met up) it’s and to share blogging tips and ideas. Whilst we were chatting, Harrison had a nap on the sofa, and Alex decided to use him as a carpark. He didn’t stir once!

31st March

day 89

This little monkey (who isn’t even 5 months old yet) has started to try and sit up on his own. He was in the corner of the sofa but was sitting forward on his own.

1st April


Today we did some Easter- themed art, making tape resist watercolour eggs. It’s the only easter crafts we’ve done this year – we’ve been so busy it crept up on us!

2nd April

day 91


We had the musical instruments out today. Ben loved bashing the tambourine!

March 3rd

day 92

My nan, mum, brothers, Graham and the kids went to Solihull today. I stayed at home to catch up with some work, so it was lovely when Harrison walked in with these for me – he knows how much I love daffodils!

April 4th

day 93

After football this morning, we made some chocolate cornflake cakes topped with mini eggs! We made 24 but I can’t see them lasting very long!


7 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 14”

  1. Lol at Alex covering Harrison over! I can’t believe Ben is already trying to sit up! Esmé has been so much lazier than Phoebe was- she sits up (most of the time) unaided now (8 months), but it’s only really been a recent thing. I remember Phoebe was definitely crawling by now!
    Those Easter nests look too yummy too! Xx

  2. Hehe so funny covering Harrison 🙂 My niece is desperate to sit up by herself and has the same facial expression too! Daffodils are my favourite flowers of all time, I just wish they would have arrived in the garden but they didn’t! Happy Easter to you all.

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