Project 365: Week 13

March 22nd

day 81

The photo is terrible but I was so proud of this – Harrison can now write his name independently!

March 24th


Today we had Benjamin’s nuclear kidney scan. I had been really worried about it since we had the letter, but as you can tell, it didn’t bother him!

March 24th

day 83

I’d been really excited for months about ordering a Lindy Bop dress for my sister in laws wedding in May. I spent hours on the website and thought I’d chosen the perfect one. It came on Tuesday, and as you can probably guess by my face, I wasn’t keen. It looks okay in the photo but even my mum agreed that it wasn’t great on. I’m swapping it for a different one which I think is much more ‘me’.

25th March

day 84

My beautiful, smiley little Ben!

March 26th

day 85

A Ben-heavy post this week! Usually, he goes in the big bath with Harrison and Alex, but he was asleep when they had one tonight, so he went in his baby bath!

March 27th

day 86

Harrison’s school broke up for Easter today. As well as bringing his easter bonnet, easter basket, various pictures and paintings, he brought home this gorgeous card!

March 28th

day 87

Today Harrison went to his first football coaching session. We were a little unprepared – for some reason we thought it was indoors and so didn’t have waterproof coats, getting very wet and muddy, but Harrison really enjoyed it. He only managed half of the one-hour session – he was the youngest by far and an hour is a bit much for him still, but he is asking to go back next week!


2 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 13”

  1. Gorgeous baby photos 😀 Isn’t it great when children start doing such amazing things by themselves, well done Harrison, that’s not a short name to get the hang of!

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