Project 365: Week 12

This week has been an incredibly busy week, with some amazing opportunities!!

March 15th


Today was Mother’s Day, and I was spoilt!! I had a photo frame and some bath stuff from Harrison – they took some money into school and chose something for us – and then had some flowers and wine. Sunflowers are my favourite!

March 16th

Easter chick

Today we had the task of making an Easter bonnet for nursery. I’ll be blogging about it in more detail, but I love this little chick hiding on it!

March 17th

day 76

Harrison insisted on wearing the back up trilby I bought for making Easter bonnets with to school, and carrying his umbrella like a walking cane. He had his mobile phone in his coat pocket (an old one that they play with), and every few steps he had to check he had everything.

March 18th

day 77

I had an assignment for a client to do tonight, which was not the easiest one to do – cue the bottle of wine in the background!

March 19th

Buckingham Palace Road

Today was an adventure! I went to London to an event, which was amazing. You can read more about my day here.

March 20th

Solar Eclipse

Of course, today’s photo had to be one of the eclipse! I did get clearer photos but I think this is the prettiest!

March 20th

day 80

Today I went to The Photography Show with the lovely Zara from Mojo Blogs. I had a lovely couple of hours mooching around and having a natter. Comiccon was also on whilst we were there – some of the costumes were epic!

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  1. This is another cool idea- is there a #linky for this? If not, you should so set one up! Lovely pics 🙂 x

    1. There is Laura – it’s over at The Boy and Me. If you click on the 365 image at the bottom it directs you to the linky.

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