Project 365: Week 11

After last week being so busy, we’ve had a much needed quieter and chilled out week this week. The weather wasn’t too bad up until Friday so the kids spent most of the afternoons outside in the garden – bedtimes are getting much easier now they can go outside, get fresh air and burn off some energy

March 8th

day 67

On a Sunday we usually go to my mum and dad’s for lunch. My dad is recovering from a badly broken ankle, so needs to put his feet up every so often. Of course, Harrison and Alex saw this as an opportunity to jump on him!

March 9th

day 68

Ignore the washing on the radiator in the background! Today we received a ‘selfie stick’ in the post to review. Although I think they’re a little bit silly, we had lots of fun messing about with it!

March 10th

day 69

My mum and dad’s road was being dug up and resurfaced today. Harrison and me popped by after nursery to go and watch – for a little boy obsessed with trucks and diggers this was absolute heaven!

March 11th

day 70

This was a bit of a cheat one. I actually completely forgot to take a photo today, but luckily I found about 100 very unflattering selfies of Harrison from that day – that counts, right?

March 12th

day 71 (2)

Today we went to my nans house after nursery. It was a really warm and sunny day and definitely felt like Spring. The gardener was there and the daffodils were out!

March 13th

day 72

The obligatory nursery mothers day card – and the best card I have ever received! I also had some bubble bath and a photo frame that Harrison chose and paid for at nursery.

March 14th

day 73

Today we went out for Harrison’s first proper bike ride, which I will be blogging about later in the week. How grown up does he look?

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