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This month has been an absolute whirlwind. We found out on New Years Eve that our landlord was selling up (yep, happy new year to us!!) and so we had spent most of January house hunting. Nothing really suitable had come up, and I had started panicking a little bit. Then we found a house, and it was perfect. I’ll be writing about it once we have settled in and unpacked, but we fell in love straight away. The past couple of weeks have been all about packing and organising stuff for it, and we finally moved in properly on Saturday.

Obviously, our new house has been our absolutely favourite thing of the month, but that aside, here are five other things that we have loved this month…

Half Term

Working in a school now means I really value half term because it means a week off! It’s also lovely to be able to have a lie in and not worry about getting up for the school runs, and being able to do whatever we like. We had a lovely week – a sleepover at my nan’s house and a day in the park.



On the Thursday of half term we were invited to an event at Strada at The Mailbox in Birmingham. I’ve written about the new kids menu that we had gone to try, but I have to admit to absolutely loving our meals and the free prosecco! It was also lovely to have a catch up with one of my blogging besties, Zara from Mojo Blogs.

Pizza, Prosecco and 0the new kids menu at

The Brit Awards

I always look forward to The Brit Awards. For the past couple of years, I hadn’t even heard of half of the artists that had performed or been nominated, so it was a relief to realise I recognised most this year (although who the hell are Catfish and the Bottlemen???!). I absolutely loved Justin Bieber, and Adele just blew me away. I’m glad she did so well in them – I really don’t think that there is anyone around with a voice like hers.

Parent’s Evening

We had Harrison’s parent’s evening a couple of weeks ago, and I was so happy with the report that his teacher gave me. He’s doing so well. Working at his school means I often get to hear little stories from his teachers about what he has been up to, and (so far!) they’ve always been really lovely. He’s doing so well with his reading – he brings home a school reading book and a phonics book every week and is now reading them pretty fluently. It’s so strange to think that he can actually read now!

Sunshine and Lighter Nights

We’ve actually had some sunshine, and although it has been bitterly cold, there is definitely a sense of Spring in the air. I don’t mind winter before Christmas when you can snuggle up with the Christmas lights on, but by 27th December, I am more than ready for the spring and summer. The light nights make such a difference, and we even have daffodils growing in the garden!

7 thoughts on “Our Favourite Things: February”

  1. Sounds like a fab month for you! I’m also looking forward for another parent’s evening as well to see how my son was up to, it’s just exciting time as parents, isn’t it? Yep, I love that spring is in the air now, longer days and milder temperatures as well. Lovely post! #OurFaveFive

  2. What a lovely roundup, I hear you on the half term thing – so lush to not have to rush around like a headless chickens, even if they still get you up at the crack of dawn! Your Strada meal sounds lovely, and I barely knew any of the acts at the Brits this year, I think I might just give up 🙂 #lovelythings xx

  3. Oh we had some sunshine today and it was lovely for us. Parents Evenings are always good getting to meet teachers and see what our kids are doing. Angela popping over from #LovelyThings

  4. Moving must have been stressful but at least it’s done and you fell in love with the place too! 😀 I loved not having to set the alarm for half term in the morning. I’m loving the fact that Easter holidays start in two weeks tomorow for us and we get another two weeks of lay ins. #lovelythings

  5. I’m down with anything to do with reading – it’s a teacher thing but my fav of the 5 has to be the daylight both am and pm…that made me say ‘Amen Sister’

  6. I am loving more sunshine and daylight it looks such a massive difference. Not great timing to find out you had to move, but I have seen a few pictures of your new place on Facebook and I look forward to reading more. Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings

  7. I am also very happy to see more sunshine and lighter nights – it makes such a big difference doesn’t it?

    I loved having half term and no school runs and now we have Easter coming up too – cannot wait! Looks like another fab month and great to hear that Harrison is doing so well at school.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #OurFaveFive and I hope to see you back for March’s! xx

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