Planning Your Virtual Graduation Party

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At the moment, we are all trying to figure out this very strange, new way of living.
Most of the world is in some form of social and educational lockdown at the moment, with most schools, colleges and universities closed and encouraging students to study from home.  It is a bit of a crazy time for us all!

While most of us understand how important it is to follow social distancing guidelines, it is disheartening if you are coming to the end of your education and were looking forward to graduating and celebrating your huge achievement with your family and friends. However, it is important to remember that this will not last forever, and there will be a time again where we can meet up with the people that we love and celebrate everything. Maybe you want to spend the time planning a fabulous graduation celebration for after this is all over and you can celebrate in person?

Lockdown does not necessarily mean that you can’t celebrate right now though. It just means that you have to get a little bit more creative! Thanks to technology, apps such as Zoom and Houseparty mean that you can be in the same room as the important people in your life, albeit it a virtual room!

The Invites

If you want to host a virtual party to celebrate your educational achievements, you need to start off with an invitation. After all, you would be sending one for a physical party – why wouldn’t you for a virtual one?

graduation party

Basic Invite is a great site where you can design your own invites. You can create anything, including high school grad invitations. Simply design them, get them printed, and have fun posting them out to your friends and family. Who doesn’t love an invite popping through their letterbox? You can have a bit of fun customising them – you can change the colour of each element on a card, with over 180 different colours to pair. The card can be precisely how you want it, down to even the smallest detail! This is what sets Basic Invite apart from any other online stationery company.

The Party

Once you have sent out your superb invites, it is time to start planning your virtual party. Of course, you all have to be online using the same app or software at the same time to make it work, so make sure everyone has this available to them first.

Decorate your room to the theme – even a few balloons and banners can stop your party from feeling like a work conference call and more like the big celebration it should be. Encourage everyone to put on their party outfits and pour themselves their favourite drink and join in the fun. You could create a Spotify party playlist prior to the party and invite everyone to have that playing in the background – virtual dance-offs could be a whole lot of fun!

Thank you’s

Once your party is over, you will want to be showing your friends and family your appreciation, particularly if they have sent you gifts and cards. Basic Invite can come to the rescue here as well – no need to risk your health trawling the shops – they can help you to design some simple thank you cards. You can make these really fun – they have over 40 different envelope colours so you can tailor it to your theme.

Lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Make it one to remember!

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